Excessive guts can be a bad thing, as iPhone users found out in 2016 when Apple made the shock statement that the iPhone 7 would deliver without a 3.5 mm earphone jack. The bright side is that you do not need to utilize cordless buds or an adapter in order to get a good audio experience, as shown by the RHA MA650 i

This will be a brief evaluation. These wired earbuds are basically the wired equivalent of the RHA MA650 Wireless, which the business launched towards the tail-end of 2017, and we consequently evaluated. The primary distinction is the RHA MA650 i features a Lightning jack, implying it works solely with Apple’s iPhones.

The RHA MA650 i retails at $5995( ₤5999 in the UK), so it’s not precisely bank-busting. However what’s remarkable is that in spite of the low expense, it sounds and seems like a far more costly piece of package.


Regardless of the fairly low-cost rate, the RHA MA650 i appears like a far more superior little bit of package. The buds come dressed in a glossy aluminum, which looks sharp and uses a bit more resilience than regular plastic real estate.

The cable television itself feels rather thick. I’m positive that this might make it through a sensible quantity of tangling and folding without ending up being torn– a fate that often befalls wired earphones, requiring users to MacGyver a repair with sticky tape.

Midway down there’s a push-button control. This lets you change volume and control playback. This has a little profile, however is incredibly clicky, making each press feel purposeful and exact. This style makes it simple to utilize without needing to straight take a look at it.

And after that we get to the port itself. This is little and flat, making it simple to plug into your phone, even if you’re utilizing a protective case. It handled to quickly suit the socket of my iPhone 7, which is housed in a durable Mous Endless 2.0 case

The RHA MA650 i features a soft material bring case, along with a choice of silicone pointers. These are kept in a metal screen card, for simple gain access to.


That fasted. Now, let’s speak about efficiency. Given that these are wired earphones, we will not require to speak about battery life.

Let’s speak about call quality. The RHA MA650 i features a microphone embedded in the push-button control. I do not truly have any problems about this. On the events I utilized it to put call, I had no concerns with being heard, even in somewhat loud environments– like, for instance, when stood beside a hectic arterial roadway.

Another perk of the RHA MA650 i is that it uses good sound seclusion. It definitely carries out much better than Apple’s own EarPods, which come consisted of with the iPhone. Although it’s not as performant as buds with active sound cancelling (ANC) integrated, it does a great task of guaranteeing the blare of the outdoors world does not hinder your listening experience.

So, let’s get to how it manages your preferred tunes. The RHA MA650 i’s sound profile is specified by exceptional bass frequencies, coupled with strong mids and highs.

Thumping bass notes, like those in CHVRCHES’ Graffiti, feel punchy without being stodgy and frustrating. There’s no apparent bass bleed to subdue Lauren Mayberry’s charming vocals, or undoubtedly the accompanying synth instruments.

When it concerns trebles and mids, the RHA MA650 i uses an in-depth and spacious experience, making it simple to recognize private instruments in intricate structures. And, unlike some earphones in the very same rate variety, there’s barely any sibilance, guaranteeing high-hats and falsetto vocals sound remarkable. These characteristics were especially apparent when listening to Perth or Holocene from Bon Iver’s 2011 self-titled album.

Who is the RHA MA650 i for?

If you have actually got an iPhone and you desire some good buds without investing a fortune, I would not be reluctant to advise these. They’re basic, properly designed, and sound remarkable for the rate. The RHA MA650 i is yet another homerun for this ascendant Scottish audio business. You can get it here for $5995

If you have actually got an Android phone (or are still promoting an iPhone sixes or earlier), RA offers a variation with a basic 3.5 mm earphone jack. These featured the very same motorists and real estate, so ought to sound practically similar the topic of this evaluation. You can get this for $5950 on Amazon United States, or ₤4165 on Amazon UK

Likewise, there’s likewise a cordless variation. As you ‘d anticipate, this expense a bit more. The RHA MA650 Wireless costs ₤88 in the UK and $99 in the United States You can examine our evaluation here, if you wonder to see how it fared when evaluated.

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Released June 3, 2019– 14: 19 UTC.