Among the most basic things you require to bear in mind about purchasing audio equipment is that various earphones produce various noises. Some earphones– like studio screen earphones– produce audio that’s untainted and neutral. Others, especially those focused on physical fitness enthusiasts, tend to stress thumping bass notes.

However what if you could have simply one set of earphones, and, as requirements figure out, alter the sound profile of your buds merely by switching out an element? That’s, in a nutshell, is the standard property behind the Alfa Genus V2 earphones, from Tamworth-based audio producer Rock Jaw Audio

By The Way, the Alfa Genus V2s are likewise the topic of my last audio evaluation of2018 And while I would not precisely state I’m conserving the very best for last, I can with confidence declare that they’re the most fascinating earphones I have actually examined this year.

What remains in package

Let’s discuss style for a 2nd. The Alfa Genus V2 isn’t precisely flash, however it does feels distinctly durable for an item presently retailing for ₤30(about $38) on Amazon It’s exceptionally difficult to discover a location where Rock Jaw Audio cut corners in style and building and construction. The cable television is thick and seems like it might make it through the cruelty of everyday usage without tearing, while the buds have a robust metal building and construction that is absolutely superior.

Rock Jaw likewise included a good choice of ear-tips to fit all canal sizes and types. Uncommonly for an item at this cost point, the business likewise consisted of a soft carry-case. That’s a good touch, and absolutely wasn’t anticipated.

And After That there’s the tuning filters. These are the small widgets that connect to your earphones and basically alter the qualities and qualities of the audio. You get 3 sets of these: bass, treble, and “natural.” Each comes color coded, permitting you you to quickly compare the trio, and guaranteeing you do not inadvertently blend them up.


Examining an item like the Alfa Genus V2 is a little difficult due to the fact that, in impact, you’re examining 3 various sets of earphones.

Connect the bass tuning filters, and you’re all of a sudden examining a bass-heavy set of earphones. Change to the treble filters, and the Alfa Genus V2 will position higher focus on the greater notes. Natural tuning filters, on the other hand, do neither, rather concentrating on supplying the listener with a more well balanced recreation of the audio.

See the issue? So, let’s simplify, one-by-one.

We’ll begin with the bass filters. The Alfa Genus V2 includes these pre-installed. Personally, I didn’t like them all that much. Although they provide on the pledge of highlighting effective low notes, an adverse effects is that greater notes sound irritatingly hollow, and vocals feel remote. This was something I observed while listening to positive pop tracks like ‘Let’s Get Weding’ by Bleachers, along with ‘ Let’s Go‘ from indietronica duo Matt and Kim.

The bass filters, nevertheless, do redeem themselves when listening to crucial tracks that more plainly function bass instruments, like the toe-tappingly ethereal ‘ Hopopono,’ from Manchester-based jazz trio GoGo Penguin. That stated, provided many people have actually blended tastes in music, I ‘d have a hard time to advise punters utilize these filters for daily listening.

Remarkably, the treble filters felt significantly more well balanced. Bass notes didn’t feel flat or dull, and yet the filters handled to shine a spotlight on greater notes, including meaning and prominence to string instruments in specific. This appeared when listening to classical efficiencies like ‘ Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence,‘ from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s album 1996.

Another strong option are the “natural” filters, which provide on the pledge made by the name, and use a wonderfully well balanced listening profile, with a lot of information and area. My only grievance with these is that– as other customers have actually observed— there’s a component of sibilance that undoubtedly sneaks in when listening at greater volumes.

Setting up the filters isn’t difficult. They basically screw into the earbud immediately and, as soon as set, sit tight. That stated, thanks to their small size, they’re quite fiddly. If you drop one, you’ll be on your hands and knees searching for it, like a midfielder searching for their lost contact lens on a grassy football pitch.

Prior to we conclude, let’s discuss convenience, which is extremely crucial. The Alfa Genus V2 buds are actually light and compact, and in my experience, were comfy for long listening sessions. This is something I really seldom state about in-ear earbuds.

Last ideas

There’s a dreadful lot to like about the Alfa Genus V2 From the develop quality to the general noise efficiency, these are some breaking wired buds, and at ₤30 represent a strong plan on any unpredictable audiophile. The interchangeable filters are well-conceived. While I wasn’t precisely enamored with the bass tuning filters, I felt the treble and natural filters provided a better-balanced listening experience, with a lot of depth and meaning.

Eventually however, what the Alfa Genus V2 provides is something hardly ever discovered in the audio area– option. And does this at an available cost point, which is much more unusual.

I need to mention that there’s a somewhat more pricey design which includes an integrated media remote and microphone. I didn’t evaluate this one, and for that reason can’t vouch for the call quality. That stated, if you wonder, you can choose one up for simply under ₤35

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Released December 29, 2018– 02: 03 UTC.

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