Gamers and authors are alike in one essential regard: they’re both very critical about the keyboards they utilize. As somebody who beings in the middle of that specific venn diagram, I was delighted when Fnatic provided me the opportunity to examine their miniSTREAK compact video gaming keyboard

The Fnatic miniSTREAK is perfect for players who desire a genuine mechanical keyboard experience, yet do not have the desktop real-estate for something larger, like Alienware’s chunky AW768 Pro Video Gaming Keyboard It includes a beautiful RBG backlit system, which is adjustable through an optional downloadable app.

Punters likewise get an option in between red, blue, and brown Cherry MX keyswitches. For this evaluation, we took a look at the Cherry MX Brown version.


There’s a regrettable propensity for video gaming hardware to be– in a word– ugly. Appeal remains in the eye of the beholder, obviously, however far a lot of video gaming items appear like the unholy lovechild of a PCB board and a can of Beast energy beverage.

The Fnatic miniSTREAK dollars that trend. In truth, if you leave the RGB backlighting switched off, you can hardly discover that it’s focused on a player audience. This suggests that it’s suitable for more conservative environments, like a shared workplace, where more intricate keyboards look noticeably awry.

Mentioning RGB backlighting, you get a great deal of freedom to mess around here. It supports 8 various lighting modes (with obvious names like ‘ pulse,’ ‘ wave,’ ‘ ripple,’ and ‘ rain‘) and 16.8 million color alternatives. To experiment with this, you require to set up OP— an optional downloadable bundle that lets you set up practically whatever about the keyboard.

At the back of the keyboard is a magnetic signature plate, which shows the Fnatic logo design. Even more down the line, clients will have the ability to produce their own signature plates, enabling them to tailor their keyboards. While this isn’t something I can envision myself doing, I picture those who video game competitively will delight in the chance to boost their devices with their own individual branding.

Below the keyboard are 4 rubber strips which keep the keyboard repaired in location. These are actually grippy and guarantee the keyboard does not move around throughout the most frenzied minutes of playtime. I’m presently composing this evaluation on a glass table, and the Fnatic miniSTREAK has actually sat tight the whole time.

Users can likewise manage the elevation of the keyboard thanks to its rubberized kickstand. This feels durable, however it’s a pity you can’t manage the particular height and angle of the keyboard, as you can with other expert designs, like the Ergodox EZ

The Fnatic MiniSTREAK links to your computer system over a detachable USB-C cable television. I’m a huge fan of this, as it suggests that if the cable television breaks (which is quickly done if you’re routinely hauling your hardware to competitions), it’s not video game over.

It likewise includes a soft, leather wrist rest. This is detachable and can be adapted to 3 various levels. As an included perk, it’s likewise actually simple to remove and tidy.

At the top of the keyboard, you’ll discover 4 buttons beyond the typical QWERTY fare. One triggers the function secrets, enabling you to change crucial brightness, in addition to control audio playback. Another mutes your microphone. Another mutes your computer system’s audio. The last button is called ‘Competitors Mode,’ and shuts off your keyboard’s RGB backlighting results.


And after that we get to the keyboard itself. I need to confess, the Fnatic miniSTREAK is a charming little design. The secrets are compact, without being crushed together. Spacing is one location that Fnatic has actually got completely right.

Each secret has a constant feel, while the PCB keycaps are great and rounded, enabling you to quickly comprehend them.

As pointed out, the Fnatic miniSTREAK includes numerous keyswitch alternatives. The business chose to choose Cherry’s renowned switches, instead of the (likewise great) Gateron clones, or a random Chinese knock-off, which can be rather hit-and-miss.

Each keyswitch has naturally various attributes. Cherry MX Blue changes, for instance, are both tactile and clicky, that makes them preferably fit to those who do a great deal of typing, like developers and authors. Cherry MX Red secrets, on the other hand, are direct, which are lighter and need less compression force for a press to sign up. This makes them a perfect option for competitive players.

Lastly, Cherry MX Brown secrets are a middle ground in between the 2. They’re tactile, however no place near as clicky as the infamously loud Cherry MX Blues.

In my experience, Cherry MX Brown secrets provide the very best of both worlds for players and authors alike, and are a good all-rounder. Keys need a little bit of actuation to sign up, however it’s no place near as burdensome as you ‘d anticipate with a Cherry MX Blue keyboard. Most importantly, they permitted us to assess the benefits of this keyboard from both video gaming and composing point of views.

In both situations, it withstood the competitors– and after that some. When composing longer-form short articles, like functions and evaluations, I didn’t feel as tired as I would have if I utilized my laptop computer’s integrated keyboard. As somebody who composes for a living, this is a substantial plus.

I was likewise impressed with its video gaming qualifications. I felt that the properly designed spacing of the secrets, integrated with the ergonomics of the adjustable wrist rest, provided positively to long FPS sessions. I was concurrently more exact and more comfy.

Who is the Fnatic miniSTREAK for?

The Fnatic miniSTREAK is a wonderful little keyboard. It examines practically all packages you’re most likely to appreciate. It’s trendy, comfy, and durable.

While it’s a completely excellent keyboard, you’ll discover it’s the little information that make the Fnatic miniSTREAK unique. From the wrist-rest to the rubberized feet, this is an intelligently-designed piece of package.

If you’re a player, this deserves injecting. If you’re not a player, however desire a good keyboard to compose or code with, it’s still worth taking a look at, thanks to its comfy style and wonderful ergonomics.

You can get the Fnatic miniSTREAK from Amazon UK for ₤90( Brown and Silent Red variations). On Amazon United States, the Cherry MX Red version retails for $100 Regrettably, at the time of composing, no other variations are readily available through Amazon, however a wider variety can be discovered through the main Fnatic site

Released December 15, 2018– 04: 48 UTC.

Item miniSTREAK (brown, UK design) by Fnatic