Comparing devices to their Apple equivalent is the earliest (and perhaps laziest) trope in the tech journalism handbook. Android phones are undoubtedly compared to iPhones. Windows laptop computers are contrasted versus MacBooks. In this piece, I’m going to attempt and avoid doing that, due to the fact that it ‘d be unreasonable on the Huawei Matebook X Pro.

Put simply, it remains in a league of its own.

Because sense, the Huawei Matebook X Pro is a little a black swan. I had an inkling it would be great, however I didn’t believe it would be this great I have actually been utilizing it as my day-to-day motorist for practically a month now, since Huawei revealed it at Mobile World Congress, and I have actually pertained to the unavoidable conclusion that it’s the most quintessentially ideal laptop computer on the marketplace.

Strong words, aren’t they? Believe me, I can back them up.

Fulfill the Huawei Matebook X Pro

The climb of Huawei has actually been dizzying to see. Simply a couple of brief years earlier, the company was mostly referred to as a purveyor of spending plan mobile phones and business networking equipment. Ever since, it’s changed into a premium– even aspirational– brand name throughout a broad swathe of the customer tech area, from mobile phones to laptop computers.

In 2018, Huawei introduced the first-generational Matebook X Pro. At MWC previously this year, Huawei revitalized it with an upgraded Scotch Lake CPU, Thunderbolt 3, and a couple of other crucial updates that make this laptop computer a lot more appealing. It can be found in i5 and i7 ranges. For the functions of this evaluation, we’re taking a look at the i7. You can see the complete list of specifications listed below:

  • 1.8 Ghz quad-core Intel i7-8565 U
  • Intel UHD 620 + Nvidia MX250 with 2GB GDDR5
  • 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM
  • 1TB of PCIe-NVMe SSD storage
  • 574 Wh battery
  • 1MP front-facing electronic camera
  • 139- inch FullView touchscreen display screen (91 percent screen-to-body ratio, 3000 x 2000)

Specs-wise, it’s practically in line with what you ‘d get out of a high-end ultraportable in2019 The Nvidia MX250– although, strangely, a bit slower than the MX150 that began the first-generation Huawei Matebook X Pro– is a welcome addition and allows some casual video gaming. While you can forget playing the current AAA hit on maxed-out settings, you can still have some enjoyable.


The Huawei Matebook X Pro is an appealing little device. It can be found in 2 colors– area gray and mystic silver. Huawei supplied TNW with a system in “area gray,” and I’m a fan. Certainly, this is all extremely subjective, however I believe the laptop computer has a silently positive visual. And self-confidence, as all of us understand, is attractive.

Among the most significant distinctions in between the Matebook X Pro and previous laptop computers in the Huawei stable is that the back of the device no longer brings the Huawei “fan” logo design. Rather, it simply states the name of the business.

The sides of the laptop computer are decorated with a fairly generous choice of ports. On the left-hand side of the device, there are 2 USB-C ports, accompanied with an earphone jack. Regretfully, just one of these ports supports the Thunderbolt 3 requirement.

On the right-hand side, you’ll discover a singular USB-A port. This is a welcome addition, and definitely provides it a leg-up on the MacBook Pro. Let’s face it, if you’re out and about, you do not wish to plug in a dongle simply to utilize a mouse or thumb drive. The very best part is that it does not actually include that much density to the laptop computer. The Matebook X Pro is beautifully svelte.

One problem is the lack of an SD card slot. It would’ve been a welcome addition, thinking about Huawei is intending this device mostly at the prosumer and imaginative markets.

I should confess, prior to I got my hands on the laptop computer, I had issues about the keyboard. In my experience, ultrabook keyboards aren’t that great, providing minimal travel and tactile feedback. The very best example of this is the hated butterfly keyboard on the post-2016 MacBook Pro. The bright side is that this isn’t a concern here. In truth, I ‘d be as strong regarding state that the Matebook X Pro has the very best keyboard on any laptop computer, conserve for maybe the Lenovo Thinkpad T580

Unlike other laptop computers in its classification, the secrets on this device are well spaced out. They each have a wonderful quantity of keyboard travel, and do not seem like you’re flaccidly slapping a pane of glass. Presses sign up audibly, which assists enhance typing precision. Above all, it’s very comfy. I can type on this device for a lot longer than I can on, state, the Dell XPS 13 or the MacBook Pro without getting tired or aching.

The trackpad is banging, too. It’s big, responsive, and exact. Unintentional presses, like those from your palm as you type, just do not sign up.

Huawei attained a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio on the Matebook X Pro, and it achieved this by concealing the cam under a button situated in the function crucial row.

This isn’t to everybody’s taste. One big issue with this, undoubtedly, is the truth that the keyboard points upwards to your face, which is a rather uncomplimentary angle. Consider it as the reverse of the MySpace angles. Another disadvantage is that if you type as you video chat, the other individual will get a close-up of your fingers. It’s likewise rather low resolution, and produces relatively rough and rinsed images, as you’ll see listed below.

The trade off, nevertheless, is a laptop computer that’s got a larger screen and essentially minimal bezels. I ‘d argue that deserves it. After all, how typically do the majority of people utilize their cam? In a world with FaceTime and WhatsApp, most likely not all that typically.

One cool peculiarity of the Matebook X Pro is that the power button likewise functions as a finger print reader. In my experience, this works remarkably well. Not just is it quick, however it’s likewise actually precise, enabling you to securely log into Windows with a minimum of difficulty. Naturally, one disadvantage is that you can’t actually utilize it for anything else besides authentication. TouchID on the MacBook Pro, nevertheless, can be utilized for things like licensing payments with Apple Pay.

The Matebook X Pro utilizes a 3:2 display screen ratio. The disadvantage of this is that it’s not perfect for viewing films, as it leads to a little undesirable letterboxing. On the other side though, it feels better for multitasking. If I’m coding, I can have Visual Studio Code open beside Google Chrome, and things do not feel especially crushed.

That being stated, the display screen is definitely stunning. It’s intense, vibrant, and accompanied by 4 effective Dolby Atmos speakers that just flood the space with noise. This is among the best-sounding laptop computers I have actually ever laid hands on.

Software Application

The evaluation system supplied to TNW included Windows 10 Pro set up. Mercifully, Huawei worked out restraint when it pertained to pre-loading the device with bloatware. There’s just 2 applications that aren’t equip windows: Huawei PC Supervisor, which is mostly utilized to examine the health of the device and upgrade motorists, and Huawei Share.

Huawei Share is perhaps the most amazing. It lets you link your phone (presuming it’s an Huawei or Honor gadget running EMUI 9.1) with your laptop computer, in order to effortlessly share files. You can likewise utilize it to tether your laptop computer to your phone’s cellular information connection.

I was surprised at how efficiently this worked. Moving pictures from a phone to a computer system is constantly a relatively fiddly affair. Normally, I’ll simply submit them to Slack or send them to myself in an e-mail. However here, I can simply tap my phone on my computer system, and the breeze is on my disk drive immediately.

Naturally, Huawei Share has a quite significant Achilles heel: particularly, that it’s just suitable with a little number of gadgets. While I can’t mark down the possibility of Huawei launching Huawei Share to all NFC-enabled phones later on down the line, at the time of composing, if you have actually got a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone resting in your back pocket, this isn’t going to be all that beneficial to you.

That’s a damned embarassment, due to the fact that Huawei Share works actually well, and is among my preferred functions of the Matebook X Pro.


This is where the Huawei Matebook X Pro shines. This is a professional-standard laptop computer, efficient in practically anything you ‘d care to toss at it. It blazes through the majority of jobs you ‘d care to toss at it– conserve for, maybe, anything that’s too graphically difficult.

In between the keyboard and the uncommon screen element ratio, it’s apparent that Huawei planned this to be a workstation, and it shines in this regard. From modifying images in Photoshop, to assembling C# programs in Visual Studio, this laptop computer just trims through anything you set it to. Huawei has, maybe rather intentionally, made an outstanding work laptop computer.

Naturally, all work and no play makes Jack a dull kid, and the Huawei Matebook X Pro is quite skilled at video gaming. Naturally, the device’s Nvidia MX250 is a nation mile slower than a few of Nvidia’s higher-end laptop computer graphics cards, like the GTX1050 This is an entry-level chip created to represent a middle in between integrated chipsets, like the Intel UHD 620, and more powerful (and costly offerings).

In that regard, it does not dissatisfy. The Matebook X Pro can deal with titles that makers with exclusively incorporated chipsets just can’t (albeit on fairly austere of settings).

The genuine efficiency increases are seen on video games that deal with integrated graphics, as you can contrast the performace bump you receive from the MX250 Take Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, for instance. It can work on the majority of contemporary laptop computers. That being stated, the closer your device is to the minimum specifications, the longer turns will take– to name a few things. On the Matebook X Pro, you invest far less time lingering, and it’s a a lot more satisfying video gaming experience.

The Huawei Matebook X Pro likewise runs peaceful. The fans just actually begin when you’re greatly taxing the gadget, like when you remain in the middle of some FPS action. On the other hand, the battery life boasts outstanding endurance, particularly when far from a power outlet. If you drop the screen brightness to medium, and restrict your jobs to things like searching and modifying files, you can quickly get at least 10 hours of life.

Goddammit I enjoy this laptop computer

The Huawei Matebook X Pro is an outstanding all-purpose workstation. It’s effective enough for the majority of things, and the addition of an entry-level graphics card suggests it’s fit to a little casual video gaming too. The screen is intense and rich, while the keyboard is unbelievably comfy. I ‘d even be as strong regarding state that this is the very best Windows laptop computer on the marketplace today. It’s definitely the most ideal laptop computer I have actually ever utilized.

That’s a controversial (and maybe questionable) declaration when you think about the stiff competitors it deals with: from the Dell XPS 13 and 15, the MacBook Pro, and the Surface Area Laptop Computer Pro. That stated, none of those strike me as being especially well-rounded, with the majority of having quite glaring compromises. The Matebook X Pro, on the other hand, will tick the majority of people’s boxes.

Naturally, it’s not ideal. The positioning of the cam will not be to everybody’s taste, although I do value the ingeniousness of the pop-up system. Likewise, the element ratio isn’t excellent for viewing video.

If you can neglect those defects, there’s a breaking laptop computer beneath, and it’s well worth the asking rate. The 2019 Matebook X Pro will go on sale in April. The i5/8GB/512 GB and i7/16 GB/1TB versions will retail for EUR1,599 or EUR1,999 each. Sadly, there’s no word on local rates, however when we hear more, we’ll let you understand.

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Released March 19, 2019– 17: 10 UTC.