Apple works really tough to preserve a ‘tidy’ and family-friendly image. A lot so that it censors handwritten words when recommending a title for notes.

Today, a user in r/iOSBeta subreddit kept in mind the business’s algorithm silenced the word ‘fuck’ when advising a title for the handwritten note.

Credit: u/ _ l_e_x _ 13/ Reddit
A Reddit user’s screengrab revealing Apple silencing the word fuck

Apple appears to have actually presented this function in the brand-new iOS 13 beta. I likewise attempted this out on my phone, running the very same software application, and Apple did undoubtedly censored the word ‘fuck.’ Nevertheless, Apple does not appear to be silencing every cuss word. For example, it didn’t mute ‘ass.’

We have actually asked Apple for more information, and we’ll upgrade the story appropriately. This is a hilariously bad effort by Apple to keep its tips at a PG-13 level. It’s unclear what the business wishes to accomplish by this, there are lots of cuss words one can compose and Apple may not have the ability to discover them at all.

So, what’s the fucking point of this, Apple?