The Federal Air Travel Administration (FAA) revealed on Monday that it anticipates Boeing to send the last software application repairs for the 737 Max “over the comings weeks.”

“The FAA anticipates to get Boeing’s last plan of its software application improvement over the coming weeks for FAA approval,” the firm stated in a declaration. “Time is required for extra work by Boeing as the outcome of a continuous evaluation of the 737 MAX Flight Control System to guarantee that Boeing has actually recognized and properly dealt with all essential problems.”

As soon as Boeing’s submission is total, FAA is anticipated to carry out an evaluation of the upgraded flight-control system.

“The FAA will not authorize the software application for setup till the firm is pleased with the submission,” FAA stated.

Up Until then, all 371 Boeing 737 Max airliners currently in service will stay grounded.

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The majority of the software application updates will be to the 737 Max’s Maneuvering Qualities Enhancement System (MCAS).

To fit limit’s bigger, more fuel-efficient engines, Boeing needed to place the engine further forward and up. This modification interfered with the aircraft’s center of mass and triggered limit to tend to tip its nose up throughout flight, increasing the probability of a stall. MCAS is developed to instantly combat that propensity and point the nose of the aircraft downward when the aircraft’s angle-of-attack (AOA) sensing unit sets off a caution.

Preliminary reports from the Lion Air Flight JT610 examination, nevertheless, suggest that a defective AOA sensing unit reading might have activated MCAS quickly after the flight removed. Observers fear Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 might have experienced a comparable concern.

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The upgraded software application will “supply extra layers of defense if the AOA sensing units supply incorrect information,” Boeing stated in a news release recently. The updates are likewise tailored towards minimizing the work on pilots throughout emergency situation scenarios.

Both Boeing and FAA have actually come under increasing analysis over the flight accreditation of the Boeing 737 Max. On March 19, Secretary of Transport Elaine Chao revealed her firm’s intent to investigate the 737 Max 8’s FAA accreditation procedure.

Recently, the Workplace of Inspector General at the Department of Transport validated that it has actually started the audit.