There has actually been a “substantial upswell” of assistance for Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook after a series of scandals supposedly left the chief running officer fearing for her task.

That’s according to Patrick Walker, among Facebook’s many senior executives outside the United States. Over a lunch with reporters on Tuesday, he stated the support of Sandberg amongst rank-and-file personnel has actually been “exceptional.”

It follows concerns over her handling of crises consisting of Russian disturbance in the 2016 United States election and the Cambridge Analytica information ordeal previously this year.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally blamed Sandberg for Cambridge Analytica, leaving her rattled and fearing for her task, The Wall Street Journal reported

Sandberg likewise confessed that she ought to have understood about Facebook working with PR company Definers Public Affairs to smear the business’s critics. Facebook has actually now cut ties with Definers and Zuckerberg stated the company’s PR group was accountable for the relationship.

Patrick Walker, Facebook’s director of media collaborations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
International News Media Association/YouTube

Regardless of the mistakes, Sandberg stays a popular figure internally, according to Walker. Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild occasion, he stated: “There’s been a substantial upswell of assistance internally for the work that Sheryl does. It’s a really hard task that she remains in.

“The quantity of assistance, and other executives who have actually dealt with her within the business for many years, who are rallying around this specific difficulty has actually been exceptional. I have actually dealt with her personally numerous, lot of times and feel for sure she has the very best interests [of the company].”

“There’s been a really robust argument”

Walker, Facebook’s director of media collaborations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, included that there has actually been a perky argument internally because The New York City Times recently released a hit report on the social media’s crisis management.

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“There’s been a really robust argument, believe me, on attempting to get some responses internally,” he stated, including: “If you were privy to a few of the internal chats and conversations that are taking place through Work environment [Facebook’s internal messaging system], you would most likely be impressed with how open individuals can be straight to Mark and Sheryl.”

Walker stated he has actually never ever operated at a business that has actually been under as much analysis as Facebook has more than the previous number of years, however he firmly insisted the spirits amongst staff members is still favorable.

“The state of mind is still really, really high and individuals have a genuine sense of function and a genuine belief in the objective,” he continued.