Facebook has actually outright dismissed a report from Mark Zuckerberg’s previous Harvard schoolmate, which declared majority of the social media’s users are phony.

The report was released recently by Aaron Greenspan, who studied along with the billionaire tech executive and declares to have actually developed the concept for Facebook initially.

In the 75- page research study, Greenspan stated phony accounts comprise majority of Facebook’s 2.2 billion users. This opposes Facebook, which in 2017 stated simply 2-3% of accounts on the platform were phony

“Facebook has actually been lying to the general public about the scale of its issue with phony accounts, which likely surpass 50% of its network. Its main metrics– much of which it has actually stopped reporting quarterly– are self-contradictory and even farcical,” the report stated. “The business has actually lost control of its own item.”

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Facebook highly rejected the findings. “This is unquestionably incorrect and accountable reporting suggests reporting truths, even if it has to do with phony accounts,” a Facebook spokesperson informed Service Expert, however did not offer any additional description.

Greenspan has actually been a singing critic of Facebook in the past. In August in 2015, for instance, he stated the platform has actually triggered “many deaths” due to the fact that of its addicting qualities. In his report, Greenspan acknowledged a particular degree of predisposition.

“The author of this report remains in the odd position of attempting to compose objectively about a subject to which he has individual ties. Readers are appropriately welcome to dismiss this analysis as prejudiced, however must know that nevertheless, it might still be appropriate,” he composed.