Hedgehogs might look extremely adorable, however the Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance (CDC) has a caution for anybody who wishes to offer among these spiky furballs a kiss and a snuggle: Do not.

That’s since the CDC is examining a Salmonella break out connected to family pet hedgehogs, the company revealed on Jan. 25 Up until now, 11 cases have actually been determined.

Ill individuals determined in the break out variety in age from 2 to 28, with a mean age of 12, the CDC stated. One person has actually been hospitalized due to the infection, though there have actually been no deaths.

The cases have actually been determined in 8 states: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming, according to the CDC.

The diseases started in between Oct. 22, 2018 and Dec. 25, 2018, the CDC reported. Of the 11 individuals impacted, 10 reported contact with hedgehogs prior to getting ill.

Private investigators determined the stress of Salmonella, called Salmonella Typhimurium, in 3 family pet hedgehogs in 2 ill clients’ houses in Minnesota, the CDC stated. Nevertheless, a typical provider of family pet hedgehogs has actually not yet been determined, and clients reported acquiring the hedgehogs from different sources, consisting of family pet shops and breeders.

Hedgehogs can bring Salmonella in their droppings, even while appearing healthy and tidy; these bacteria can quickly infect their bodies and anything in their living locations, the CDC stated. To remain safe while dealing with a family pet hedgehog, do not kiss or cuddle the animals, as this can spread out Salmonella bacteria to your face and mouth. In addition, do not let hedgehogs stroll easily in locations of your home where food exists, the CDC stated.

Constantly clean your hands after dealing with a hedgehog.

Initially released on Live Science