Chance snapped this selfie in 2014 after winds cleaned up dust off its photovoltaic panels.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./ Arizona State Univ.

It’s extremely peaceful on Mars today, however NASA isn’t quiting on calling the Chance rover, and it’s hoping blustery conditions might pertain to the rescue.

The rover has actually been quiet considering that June 10, when a worldwide dust storm blotted out its photovoltaic panels and sent it into hibernation mode. The storm has actually considering that cleared, however Chance has yet to phone house.

NASA increase its efforts to reach the rover in September, however a brand-new upgrade from Thursday informs us it hasn’t succeeded.

NASA states it’s possible a layer of dust is obstructing the rover’s photovoltaic panels and avoiding it from charging its batteries. One factor for optimism is that we’re showing up on what the Chance group calls “dust-clearing season.” This windy season ought to take place around November through January.

” The group stays confident that some dust cleaning might lead to hearing from the rover in this duration,” NASA states The Mars winds have actually assisted clean up the rover’s panels in the past.

Chance got here on the Red World in 2004 and outlasted its initial objective strategy by several years. NASA states it hasn’t set any due dates for the objective yet.

NASA is likewise fielding some technical concerns with its Interest rover, which encountered a problem with transferring kept information back to Earth. The rover group commanded it to change to a backup computer system “brain” in early October while it continues to detect the issue.

NASA strategies to send out a fresh rover to Mars in 2020, however it intends to keep its existing rovers functional in the meantime.