Finland’s President stated on Sunday he does not keep in mind informing Trump they rake leaves from their forests to avoid fires, a day after Trump stated Finland has no issues due to “raking and cleaning up.”

The day previously, the United States president stated: “I was with the President of Finland– he called it a forest country– and they invested a great deal of time on raking and cleaning up and doing things and they do not have any issue,” as CNN kept in mind.

“You got ta look after the floorings. You understand the floorings of the forest, extremely essential. You take a look at other nations where they do it in a different way and it’s an entire various story,” Trump included.

President Sauli Niinistö stated he discussed forest fires with Trump in Paris on the weekend of November 9, according to Finnish paper Ilta-Sanomat, however he does not keep in mind utilizing “Trump’s English- design word,” the paper reported.

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Trump made the raking remarks from the grim scene of Paradise, California which was damaged by the Camp Fire which began on November 8 and has actually eliminated a minimum of 71 individuals up until now.

In action to Trump’s remarks the Finnish paper stated: “Raking is not usually consisted of in the Finnish forest management’s tool variety.”

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Trump informed host Chris Wallace he found firefighters utilizing a raking brush near the fire, and if they ‘d done it a bit previously it would have stopped the fire.

He stated: “I was seeing the firefighters recently, and they were raking locations, they were raking locations where the fire was right there.”

“That ought to have been all raked out and cleared out,” Trump stated. “You would not have the fire.”