A group of Flat Earthers are prepared to set sail on a strange journey to the Antarctic to show, at last, that we’re living a lie.

The group, spear-headed by the intellectuals over at the Flat Earth International Conference– the very same group that thinks NASA is run by conspirators determined on perpetuating the misconception of a round Earth– strategy to set sail early next year. Logan Paul, the web’s preferred punching bag, is apparently thinking about participating in.

Paul, you might keep in mind, released a teaser for his upcoming documentary, “The Flat Earth: To The Edge and Back.” The trailer follows the questionable vlogger on a journey to a flat earth conference where he appears to start questioning his previous beliefs and welcoming the theory itself. In it, you can anticipate him to ask the tough concerns, like: are worlds a thing, or does this sport coat/beard combination make individuals forget I when shot and made fun of a guy who had dedicated suicide?

Up until now, little is learnt about the journey itself. What we do understand is that Flat Earthers are outlining a course to Antarctica where they intend to see the ice wall they think surrounds the world. It’s stated to be 164 feet high, and countless feet thick– I could not make this shit up if I attempted.

” If you take a world and you crush it down, the Antarctic would go all the method around the Earth. It’s sort of like an ice coast and it’s really, large. It’s not like you simply go there and you can simply peek over it,” Robbie Davidson, FEIC’s creator, informed Forbes “We do not think anything can fall off the edge, due to the fact that a huge part of the flat earth neighborhood thinks that we remain in a dome, like a snow world.”

Approved, that has to do with completion of the line for Flat Earthers settling on anything. It’s a neighborhood swarming with infighting, and one in which the only agreement is that we’re living a lie on a world that’s in fact a dome, not a sphere.

Still, one needs to question why a conspiracy club like the Flat Earth Society hasn’t simply ponied up the cash to show its theory the whole time. Approved, the journey is most likely to persuade on the most unpredictable of its members.

However we’re still going to see this carefully due to the fact that we like a great train wreck.