Organizers of a yearly conference that combines individuals who think that the Earth is flat are preparing a cruise to the supposed edge of the world. They’re searching for the ice wall that keeps back the oceans.

The journey will happen in 2020, the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) just recently revealed on its site The objective? To evaluate so-called flat-Earthers’ assertion that Earth is a flattened disk surrounded at its edge by an imposing wall of ice.

Information about the occasion, consisting of the dates, are upcoming, according to the FEIC, which calls the cruise “the most significant, boldest experience yet.” Nevertheless, it deserves keeping in mind that nautical maps and navigation innovations such as worldwide placing systems (GPS) work as they do due to the fact that the Earth is … a world. [7 Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round]

Followers in a flat Earth argue that images revealing a curved horizon are phony which pictures of a round Earth from area are part of a huge conspiracy committed by NASA and other area firms to conceal Earth’s flatness. These and other flat-Earth assertions appear on the site of the Flat Earth Society (FES), supposedly the world’s earliest authorities flat Earth company, dating to the early 1800 s.

Nevertheless, the ancient Greeks showed that Earth was a sphere more than 2,000 years back, and the gravity that keeps whatever in the world from flying off into area might exist just on a round world.

However in diagrams shared on the FES site, the world looks like a pancake-like disk with the North Pole smack in the center and an edge “surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back.” This ice wall– believed by some flat-Earthers to be Antarctica– is the location of the assured FEIC cruise.

There’s simply one catch: Navigational charts and systems that assist cruise liner and other vessels around Earth’s oceans are all based upon the concept of a round Earth, Henk Keijer, a previous cruise liner captain with 23 years of experience, informed The Guardian

GPS depends on a network of lots of satellites orbiting countless miles above Earth; signals from the satellites beam down to the receiver within a GPS gadget, and a minimum of 3 satellites are needed to identify an exact position due to the fact that of Earth’s curvature, Keijer discussed.

” Had actually the Earth been flat, an overall of 3 satellites would have sufficed to offer this info to everybody in the world,” Keijer stated. “However it is insufficient, due to the fact that the Earth is round.”

Whether the FEIC cruise will depend on GPS or release a totally brand-new flat-Earth-based navigation system for discovering completion of the world, stays to be seen.

Initially released on Live Science