TLDR: The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle covers training to get certified in AWS, Microsoft and Cisco systems, all for under $40.

If you want a career in IT, you may not already understand everything there is to know. Yet you’ve probably got a fairly good idea about what you should know, right? Like, how to handle some of the popular platforms and systems that everyone seems to be using these days. Names like Amazon, Cisco and Microsoft.  

You can go a long way to shoring up your IT knowledge, as well as getting accredited in some of those major tech arenas, with the training found in The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle. It’s on sale right now at a fraction of its regular price, only $39 from TNW Deals.

This nine-course collection packed with more than 100 hours of instruction truly lives up to its billing as a mega-bundle.

If you need background in cloud-based systems, you’ll find training to pass the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect exam as well as a handful of test prep for qualifications to work on Microsoft’s Azure platform. To tackle system networking issues like routers, IP addressing and more, there are three courses in getting certified on Cisco’s most popular hardware and software packages.

As for how to secure all those systems, you’ll also find a complete guide for passing the CompTIA Security+ exam, one of the industry’s most recognized certifications in protecting vulnerable systems.

Once you’re through these nine courses, you’ll be ready to ace the exams and earn an armload of top-grade qualifications for joining any company’s IT team. Each course retails for $200, but you can save hundreds by grabbing this bundle now at the limited time price of just $39.

Prices are subject to change.

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