Impressive Games exposed in a current interview that the concurrent gamer count of the world’s most popular video game has actually now climbed up into really excessive numbers– probably since of its current launching on the Korean market.

A Legendary Games associate informed Korean news website Inven that Fortnite now has more than 8.3 million concurrent gamers. I seem like that number bears duplicating: 8.3 million. As mentioned by PCGamesN, that’s more gamers than every video game on Steam integrated.

We’re all so utilized to Fortnite being all over by now (or I am, a minimum of), that it can be difficult to keep in mind, often, simply how huge it is. It resembles Disney: it’s so common that, when you lastly get a number on it, it resembles somebody popped a balloon in your face. The last time we became aware of the concurrent gamers in Fortnite previously this year, that number– 3.4 million– was currently quite unexpected. And now it’s obviously more than double that.

The most likely factor for the spike in numbers is that Fortnite‘s Fight Royale mode debuted today in South Korea, together with a number of obstacles specific to video gaming centers in the nation. Obviously, we can’t understand for sure if they’re the only factor for the development, unless Impressive Games breaks the numbers down for us.

In any case, it’s a pointer of simply what a beast Fortnite has actually ended up being, and it’s development does not seem decreasing. To toss a couple of more numbers at you, a report from streaming software application company Streamlabs reported that, in simply the last quarter alone, banners acquired almost 19 million hours playing the video game. For viewpoint, that’s a 128 percent boost throughout the year, and 5 times the variety of the next-most popular title, League of Legends

[ Correction 6pm CT: The initial variation of this short article specified the individual who offered the interview to Inven was the Impressive Games CEO. That was an unusual translation mistake, and your author takes all the blame. The real speaker, Sung Chul Park, is an associate for Impressive Games Korea, while the CEO is Tim Sweeney.)

Fortnite goes beyond 8.3 million concurrent gamers
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