“Fortnite” has actually ended up being popular for its unique in-game occasions, a lot of which accompany real life vacations. So obviously the video game has its own New Year’s occasion going on, total with a ball drop and fireworks for when the clock strikes midnight.

However “Fortnite” has a worldwide gamer base with more than 200 million gamers worldwide; implying that gamers in various time zones will see the brand-new year at various times. “Fortnite” developer Legendary Games created a basic option, the New Year’s ball in “Fortnite” will drop at the top of every hour to represent midnight in all 24 time zones around the globe.

Nevertheless, some gamers who invested the early hours of New Year’s Eve playing “Fortnite” were stunned to see the fireworks show up early for their own time zone. When the ball drops in “Fortnite” gamers are required to dance for a couple of seconds, making the minute difficult to overlook. Numerous gamers hurried to social networks to reveal that “Fortnite’s” New Year event had actually gone off early.

A truthful error to be sure, however the “Fortnite” neighborhood has actually risen with reactions to the “early” occasion, triggering a reaction from Legendary Games. Co-founder and Vice-President Mark Rein carefully scolded gamers who thought the occasion had actually been set off early in mistake.

“Is it that you do not actually comprehend how timezones work or you believe yours is the only timezone worldwide?” Rein tweeted.

Legendary representative Nick Chester and Rein both later on validated that the occasion would happen every hour to represent each time zone.

Ideally, the occasion will teach how large the “Fortnite” neighborhood stretches, and advise some that the Earth focuses on the sun, not around them.