Water, slush and ice accumulated to 6 feet (1.8 meters) high in the middle of the Mexican summertime on Sunday. Viral videos and pictures have actually been distributing online of buried vehicles and the homeowners of Guadalajara, a big city in main Mexico, digging out of icy filth.

Regardless Of some reports that 6 feet of hail really fell from the sky on Sunday, meteorologists online have actually been mentioning that the taking place flooding after the extreme storm most likely carried the rainfall to low points where it reached depths of approximately 6 feet.

” These massive # hail drifts are probably the outcome of a city flash flood throughout hail-producing thunderstorm, which cleaned substantial volumes of hail ice from around city into culverts & low-lying locations. Ice drifts, so it can go any place floodwaters do,” environment researcher Daniel Swain composed on Twitter

Heats in Guadalajara have actually remained in the 80 s F (around 30 C) the previous couple of days, so all that hail definitely has a brief street life.

Hail storms in summertime are not especially uncommon, specifically at high elevations. Guadalajara sits at approximately the very same height as Denver. In reality, as Swain explains, comparable occasions have actually taken place to the north in the high desert plains of New Mexico also.

So while an occasion like this may not technically be unmatched, you ‘d likely have a difficult time informing that to homeowners of Guadalajara who are not likely to forget this previous Sunday anytime quickly.