Over the weekend, French creator and previous jet-ski champ Franky Zapata made history by crossing the English Channel– which is approximately 35 kilometers (22 miles) large– on a hoverboard created by his business.

Declaring to have actually reached speeds of 177 kmph (110 miles per hour) while air-borne, the 40- year-old finished the journey in 22 minutes early Sunday early morning, stopping midway on a drifting platform in the water to refuel his Zapata Flyboard.

It’s the Frenchman’s 2nd effort to cross the Channel with his ‘individual air travel system.’ On his very first one at the end of July, Zapata directly missed out on the refueling platform while coming down, and fell under the water.

The creator established the FlyBoard Air back in 2016 and broke the world record for hoverboarding by flying a range of 2,252 m (7,388 feet) at a height of 50 m.

The automobile includes a platform with 5 turbine engines on board, in addition to boots that are installed on top for the pilot. Its fuel is consisted of in a knapsack that the rider need to use, which’s just great for approximately 10 minutes of flight. Liftoff, thrust, and velocity are managed with a portable lever, while maneuvering needs the pilot to utilize their whole body to guide.

The Guardian notes that Zapata isn’t done establishing the FlyBoard yet: he wants to boost its abilities to enable flying at higher heights. In addition, he’s got prepare for a flying vehicle in the works.

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Released August 5, 2019– 05: 57 UTC.