Astronauts might be incredibly brave, smart, and achieved, however they’re not super-human: They still need to poop and pee when they leave Earth.

Nevertheless, as NASA began racing to put astronauts the moon in the 1960 s— human beings very first arrived at the lunar surface area practically precisely 50 years back, on July 20, 1969– the company didn’t focus much on how the guys would clear their bladders and bowels in area.

In truth, astronaut Alan Shepard– the very first American in area– was required to pee his trousers on the launchpad in1961


NASA rapidly recognized that the absence of restroom preparation provided an untidy issue, however services weren’t simple. A range of makeshift services were sent out into area for many years, consisting of pee bags, roll on “cuffs,” diapers, toilet seats with straps, and $19 million commodes.

After the Apollo objectives ended in 1975, engineers explained defecation and urination as the “irritating elements of area travel.” Nevertheless, devices for “going” while weightless have actually gotten a bit more comfy ever since, and astronauts are now typically proficient at keeping waste from drifting around

Still, retired astronaut Peggy Whitson, who logged a record-breaking 665 days in area for NASA, has actually stated that going to the restroom in area was her least preferred part of operating in absolutely no gravity.

Here’s the complete story of how astronauts have actually eliminated themselves in area, from 1961 to now: