Bounty Hunter Kills Gargantuan Burmese Python, Gets $375, Earns Our Undying Gratitude

Florida guy and python fugitive hunter Kyle Penniston positions with the 17.5- foot-long snake he eliminated for Florida’s Python Removal Program. Accessories location

Credit: South Florida Water Management District/ Kyle Penniston

There are snakes, and after that there are “SSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAKES!!!!”

Florida citizen and expert python fugitive hunter Kyle Penniston captured and eliminated one such SSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAKE previously today in the Florida Everglades, according to a press release from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). The big Burmese python determined 17 feet 5 inches (5.3 meters) long and weighed about 120 pounds. (54 kgs). It is made it through by lots of kids’s headaches. [7 Shocking Snake Stories]

Penniston captured and “humanely euthanized” the snake as part of the SFWMD’s Python Removal Program, which pays a group of 25 mercenary snake hunters to track and eliminate intrusive pythons and deposit the reptiles at designated drop-off areas around numerous counties in southern Florida. (The program site does not define what “humane” euthanasia indicates, however does state that gun usage on snakes is allowed, constant with regional, state and federal policies.)

Burmese pythons are an intrusive types in the Everglades(Florida’s exceptionally biodiverse wetland protect that covers 1.5 million acres, or 1 million hectares). They were most likely presented to the environment by negligent animal owners, the SFWMD composed. These snakes reproduce quickly and posture a severe hazard to the location’s birds, rodents, deer and even alligators.

” The Everglades is a lovely buffet for a peak predator like that,” David Penning, a snake biologist at Missouri Southern State University, formerly informed Live Science “Because the snakes have actually appeared and increased in number, we have actually seen a popular drop in generally every animal that can be taken in by those snakes.”

Hence, the state desires the snakes dead. Hunters like Penniston are paid $8.25 an hour to prowl the wetlands in the SFWMD’s jurisdiction, making on-the-spot rewards that increase with the size of any snakes they fell. Pythons approximately 4 feet long (1.2 m) net hunters $50, with every extra foot making an additional $25 Penniston’s near-18- foot quarry made him a perk of $375

According to the SFWMD, the Python Removal Program has actually gotten rid of almost 1,900 intrusive snakes because March 2017, with Penniston’s most current catch setting a brand-new record for the longest snake poached in this program.

Pythons, for the record, get extremely, huge. Per Guinness World Records, the longest snake ever captured is a 25- foot-long (7.6 m) python called Medusa, presently owned by a Kansas City, Missouri, business that produces haunted homes.

Initially released on Live Science