Florida-resident Marvin Hajos passed away 2 weeks back, after being assaulted by among his cassowaries– a giant, flightless bird with sharp claws ignorant to Australia and Southeast Asia.

This Saturday (April 27), according to the owner’s dream, the cassowary that eliminated 75- year-old Hajos will be installed for auction, together with about 100 other unique animals that Hajos kept his estate in Florida, according to The New York City Times Anybody can go to the auction, other than journalism, according to the organizers, Gulf Coast Animals Auction.

In truth, anybody who attempts to video-record the auction will be accompanied out and their recordings will be damaged, the organizers composed in a Facebook post The secrecy, it appears, originates from Hajos’ household’s desires not to launch details to the media, according to the Times. [Top 10 Deadliest Animals]

When rescue employees discovered Hajos, his body was lying in between 2 cassowary pens. Costs Grotjahn, a private investigator from the medical inspector’s workplace, informed the Times he heard Hajos might have gone to the pens to examine the cassowary’s eggs– and the female cassowary might have assaulted to safeguard them.

These huge birds can rise to 6.5 feet (2 meters) high and weigh approximately 130 pounds. (59 kgs). And though they have long claws and a violent track record, it’s extremely uncommon for them to eliminate human beings, according to the Times.

A few of the other animals up for auction consist of macaws, marmosets, lemurs, tortoises and a kookaburras bird.

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