Google announced today that it’s introducing a new Guest Mode in the Google Assistant to pause recording your conversations. This is essentially an “incognito” mode which won’t record any of your queries.

While this use case might be useful for queries you don’t want the company to record, it can also come in handy when you have friends over at your house and they are yelling from different directions, asking the smart speaker to play the song of your choice.

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Google says this feature will roll out in the coming weeks and you’ll be able to activate it simply by voice command. While the company’s announcement didn’t delve into what exactly the command will be, I assume it would be as simple as “Hey Google, activate Guest Mode.”

The search giant gives you an option to delete all your old recordings or disable personalization by turning off recording altogether. If you want to do that, you can follow our guide for deleting all your Google Assistant voice commands. Along with that, you might want to check out our story on how to use Google Maps in an incognito mode.

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