Google is holding the line on the economics of its app shop.

In an revenues call with financiers on Monday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated his business was sticking to its present earnings split with designers– which is a 30% cut of app sales and in-app purchases.

“I believe there’s a worth exchange there and it’s been the market requirement,” Pichai stated throughout the call relating to the Google Play’s charge. Apple’s App Shop likewise has a 70/30 earnings split with app designers.

Pichai’s remarks can be found in reaction to a concern from a Wall Street expert on how Google is approaching a landscape where designers are discovering methods to prevent the conventional app shops, which earnings split– particularly on Android.

While the expert didn’t discuss it by name, among the primary business shaking things up is Impressive Games, which avoided the Google Play shop when it launched “Fortnite” on Android in 2015. Rather, the business brought the video game straight to users, such that it does not need to pay that 30% cut to Google.

Experts approximated that Google lost on as much as $50 million in earnings, simply from not having “Fortnite” in the Google Play Shop– and if more designers follow in Impressive’s steps, the issue might get back at worse for Google.

“The 30% shop tax is a high expense in a world where video game designers’ 70% need to cover all the expense of establishing, running, and supporting their video games,” Impressive Games creator and CEO Tim Sweeney informed Organisation Expert last August

“On open platforms, 30% is out of proportion to the expense of the services these shops carry out, such as payment processing, download bandwidth, and client service,” Sweeney likewise stated.

Evaluating from his reaction to the concern, Pichai feels in a different way, which Google believes 30% is a reasonable shake for what the Google Play shop offers to Android app designers.

Android isn’t the only location where Impressive Games is making waves, either. In December, the “Fortnite” developers introduced its own Impressive Video Game Shop, which just takes a 12% cut of sales, compared to the 30% that the leading Steam PC video games save considered several years. While Impressive Video Game Shop is just on PC, a minimum of for the time being, it’s currently winning assistance from video game designers.

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Still, Pichai leaves some wiggle space for Google to alter its policies in the future, must Impressive prosper in shaking things up on Android and beyond.

“We’ll continue down that course,” Pichai stated on Monday relating to the business’s present expense structure. “However clearly we constantly adjust to where the marketplace is.”