Google launched pictures of its upcoming Pixel 4 mobile phone– which we’re not anticipating up until October– after info about its style and requirements began to leakage on the web.

The Pixel 4 has actually allegedly dripped a couple of times just recently, with much of the concentrate on the rear video camera style. The current video from tech YouTube channel “ Unbox Treatment” enters depth with an allegedly dripped metal cast design of the Pixel 4 that’s usually utilized by case makers as a recommendation to construct their cases for upcoming phones.

Have a look at Google’s Pixel 4, as published on Twitter:

Twitter user @atn1988 even “integrated the 2 pieces” of the Pixel 4 image in Google’s tweet to make a total phone:

The main point that’s capturing the majority of people’s attention is the rear video camera style on the Pixel 4, which looks mighty comparable to the reported rear video camera style on this year’s brand-new iPhone, as visualized in this fan-made computer system making:

A render of the reported iPhone XI, which is anticipated to introduce later on this year.

In its tweet, Google teases “Wait ’til you see what it can do” and just reveals pictures of the back of the phone, consisting of the video camera. I may be checking out excessive into things, however it looks like Google is teasing that the Pixel 4’s video camera may be much more excellent than the Pixel 3’s, which is currently thought about the gold requirement in mobile phone electronic cameras.

From the appearances of it, there are 4 “holes” on the Pixel 4’s rear video camera system, however just 2 of them seem video camera lenses. Among the holes appears like a flash, and the other hole seems a sensing unit. The Pixel 3 just has a single video camera lens.

It’s pure speculation at this moment, however the 2nd video camera on the Pixel 4 might be an ultrawide video camera lens instead of a zoomed lens. Ultrawide video camera lenses have actually been a pattern in 2019, with Samsung and OnePlus embracing ultrawide video camera lenses on their most current mobile phones, the Galaxy S10 and the OnePlus 7 Pro.