To commemorate 20 years of Google Browse, Google is taking users inside the location where it was born– a garage.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page utilized Susan Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park, California, as Google’s initial head office in1998


In addition to the typical birthday doodle, Google has actually done up the garage to take it back in time, letting users check out Brin and Page’s initial main office. You can discover the map on Google Street View, or through this post

As you get in the garage, you can discover a home computer showing Google’s beta variation, total with the exclamation mark.

The garage is quite chaotic, however in a post, Google stated Brin and Page were especially pleased to obtain a washering and clothes dryer consisted of in their lease.

While checking out the garage Service Expert likewise identified a fluffy elephant and hippo amongst the products scattered around packages and computer systems.

You can check out a bit even more down the corridor to discover a bedroom-turned-main-office with “Google Worldwide Head office” composed on a white boards.

Google Worldwide Head Office, as it remained in 1998.
Google Maps

Inside the head office you can see an allusion to the 1998 logo design modification, which eliminated the exclamation mark.

” Google” or “Google!”
Google maps

There are easter eggs to be discovered if, as you check out, you switch on a neon “Google” indication and open a trapdoor.

Upon going back to the garage after doing this, Service Expert discovered a set of modded glasses resting on the table, which might be a nod to Brin’s Google Glass task.

These glasses appeared in Susan’s garage.

We likewise discovered a recommendation to Google’s very first workplace pet Yoshka, as a cushion appeared on a chair total with a lead and personnel ID.

The cushion, lead, and ID all indicate Google’s very first workplace pet, Yoshka.
Google Maps

There are doubtless plenty more in-jokes to be discovered by roaming around Susan’s garage.