According to a report from 9to5 Google, the Mountain View company has officially canceled I/O, it’s annual developer’s conference amid concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) global outbreak.

The event was scheduled to take place on May 12-14, but has apparently been canceled with no immediate plans to reschedule. Per 9to5 Google‘s report, Google has begun sending notifications to ticket-holders:

Credit: 9to5 Google

Google joins myriad other tech companies in canceling events scheduled to take place throughout the year. Facebook’s F8 and Adobe Summit have also been outright canceled while other events, such as TNW‘s own 2020 conference, have been rescheduled.

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We’ve contacted Google for confirmation and further comment and will update this article once we receive more information.

Update 2:00 PST: Google confirms the event has been canceled. For more information visit the Google I/O blog here.

Visit the following resources for more information on the coronavirus:

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