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Google Maps the search John’s wife bonding app draws political borders differently depending on where the viewer is.
According to a report by the washington post on Friday, the cost of graphic alterations can be seen in disputed regions around the world, such as Kashmir.
Google says it remains neutral on isses of disputed regions and borders.
And in countries with local versions of Google Maps, local legislation is followed.
HQ Trivia is over.
The live mobile trivia game is shutting down and will lay off its 25 full-time employees, according to a report by CNN.
The live streaming game allowed participants to use their phones to win real money by answering questions and, after launching in 2017, became a phenomenon.
But after bursting to life, its install base gradually dwindled.
After failing to find more investors, Rus Yusupov, CEO of HQ Trivia, dissolved the company on Friday.
And finally, Elon Musk’s pioneering space flight company SpaceX is launching another 60 satellites into orbit for its Starlink Internet broadband constellation on Monday.
Successful delivery of the satellites will bring the total number in orbit to over 300 with plans to launch at least 12,000.
Over the next few years.
Some astronomers worried this make flooded their view of the cosmos.
But this marks the fifth launch for stalling since May 2019.
No signs of slowing down.
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