If you desired, the Pixel 3 might be the last phone you ever purchase.

Is that significant? Perhaps so. After all, we have actually been conditioned to update our phones every 2 years now– or, for some individuals, every year.

At this moment, however, I need to presume that we have actually gotten about as far as we will for the foreseeable future in regards to technological improvements. Future smart devices may be somewhat quicker, may have somewhat longer battery life, or perhaps they’ll have somewhat enhanced electronic cameras. The style may alter a bit– see: the notch– and tech business may get rid of functions you believed were an offered, like the earphone jack.

However will the smart device truly be transformed anytime in the next couple of years? Or will we simply keep seeing comparable versions on the very same concept up until the smart device is changed entirely? If you ask me, it’s the latter.

Which is why you might purchase the Pixel 3 today and ignore for the next 2 years, or the next 5 years. This phone has to do with as excellent as it’s going to get.