When the worlds of retro video gaming and personalized hacks clash, opportunities are, you’ll discover Benjamin Heckendorn (much better referred to as Ben Heck) standing by with a soldering iron.

Long Time Ars readers are no complete strangers to Heck’s history of making unbelievable– and frequently portable– variations of traditional computer system and video gaming hardware from scratch. He most just recently appeared in bigger geek culture by assisting bring a distinctive Nintendo PlayStation system back to life

However today’s most recent Heck hack sticks out for a couple of factors: it provides an amazing repair to the current, problematic Neo-Geo Mini, and it sees Heck going back to YouTube after biding farewell to his authorities and popular “Ben Heck Program” on the platform.

The Neo-Geo Mini just just recently delivered to sellers, and while its video game choice and screen quality have actually typically been praised, its hardware style puzzled a great deal of fans. Why was the brand-new joystick analog when the initial system notoriously utilized clicky, eight-way digital joysticks? And why were the A-B-C-D buttons positioned out of order?

Heck asked these concerns loudly in a teardown video recently, all while murmuring about how the NGM’s innards appeared simple sufficient to reconfigure as a portable system. On Tuesday, Heck followed through by publishing a half-hour video on his individual YouTube account. His Neo-Geo Mini portable hack video, summed up in the above gallery, reveals whatever from joystick engineering (a 0.7-second procedure, provide or take), to Adobe Illustrator schematic style, to soldering, to 3D-printing, and to playing Metal Slug video games on the end product.

We recorded the lead to the above gallery, however we truly motivate you to click through the ingrained video listed below when you get an opportunity, as it integrates Heck’s precise crafting procedure with his agonizingly tacky puns and jokes. (We missed out on those, Ben.)

In an interview with Ars, Heck validated that he has an interest in “facilitating, low production worth videos,” instead of the more routine and thoroughly modified videos that filled his program for the previous 8 years while the hacker handled “model contracting” tasks to foot the bill. We jokingly asked if Heck would rush and produce a couple of countless these personalized Neo-Geo Mini portable systems, to which he reacted: “Possibly a PCB set might be made to quickly transform the Neo-Geo Mini board.” Yes, please.

Ben Heck makes the Neo-Geo Mini Handheld.

Noting image by Ben Heck