Yep, it's real—and here's what we know so far.
/ Yep, it’s genuine– and here’s what we understand up until now.


For a specific class of computer game fan, no news might be larger than today’s: Half-Life is back. In VR. As a completely brand-new video game from the series’ developers at Valve.

We’re here to link the dots in between what’s been revealed, what’s been reported, and what we have actually spoken with well-placed sources. Increase and shine, Half-Life fans. We have a lot for you today.

Months of reports, then a TGA leakage

We must most likely start with the video game’s name, as exposed in a dripped Video game Awards 2019 discussion and verified hours later on by a main post from Valve Half-Life: Alyx is a new video game in the Half-Life universe created specifically for PC virtual truth systems (Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Truth).

This is, in truth, the oft-teased “VR video game” pointed out by Valve over the previous couple of years and the one we had actually been informed to anticipate by the end of 2019 Today’s leakage consists of a modified release window of March 2020, which our sources suggest is most likely– however likewise subject to alter due to the phenomenon that fans call “ Valve Time

Today’s statement has actually verified a tough fact: Valve’s video game advancement groups still can not count to 3. In HLA‘s case, it’s due to the fact that this is a prequel, not a follow up. And it’s a complete single-player project of new VR material, though our sources can’t verify the length of time the video game will in fact require to beat.

The video game’s name verifies what has actually been loudly reported for months: that you will play this video game from the point of view of Alyx Vance, a character presented in 2004’s.
Half-Life 2 Rather of advance in time,.
HLA will rewind to the duration in between the very first 2 mainline.
Half-Life video games.

For those who have actually misplaced the series’ timeline, the initial 1998 video game saw the Black Mesa research study institute loose an alien race (the Integrate) onto our world. The follow up got an unpredictable variety of years later on, with a network of scientists and resistance fighters working to get the Integrate’s intrusion and supremacy of Earth, in spite of a human-fronted company that capitulated to the Integrate’s control.

Both of those video games starred Gordon Freeman as a quiet lead character. This brand-new VR video game blends things up by putting you in Alyx’s shoes, years prior to the occasions of HL2 and prior to Freeman’s go back to the series’ universe. (This will not be the very first time an authorities HL video game wrested control from Freeman; the 2001 growth pack Half-Life: Blue Shift starred the very first video game’s precious guard Barney.) We have actually gotten a sign that the video game’s screening duration hasn’t revealed any parts of Alyx’s body in location of your own, beyond a set of hands. However that might effectively alter.

Grabbity Gloves?

Half-Life 2 was probably the video gaming world’s very first significant “physics experience,” given that it focused on a smart Gravity Weapon system that let you pull and toss all way of product huge and little. We have actually gotten some sign that Half-Life: Alyx does the same.

An information leakage from Valve’s Source 2 video game engine, as discovered in September by Valve News Network, indicated a brand-new control system identified as the “Grabbity Gloves” in its code base. Numerous sources have actually verified that this is certainly a significant control system in HLA

How do they work? We have actually gotten tips that they may more properly be referred to as “Magnet Gloves,” because they let gamers amazingly indicate and bring in far-off products to your hands. Rather of needing to stroll all the method to a things in VR or bend over to get something from the flooring, HLA gamers will have a helpful point-and-snag system. And we’re informed that these are spiritual followers to HL2‘s Gravity Weapon, in regards to focusing on reasonable physics. Possibly that indicates we can, or can not, get specific products due to real-life physics systems or challenges.

Nevertheless this system works, it appears to both prefer the more recent Valve Index controllers (which strap to users’ knuckles and leave fingers totally free to move) and deal concessions to older controllers like the HTC Vive wands. Valve has actually currently revealed strategies to to support all significant VR PC systems for its next VR video game, and these brand-new gloves look like the best system to scale to whatever controllers you bring into VR.

However we likewise get the sense that HLA is a severe display for Valve Index’s “Knuckles” controllers. We hear that the majority of every things in the video game’s world has actually been created to be touched and controlled by hands, both in regards to reasonable physics and how genuine hands move through virtual things. The very best public details we need to this end is a current DigiPen discussion from a Valve designer. Ever questioned how doors are built in VR? Valve designer Kerry Davis went on for over 30 minutes on the topic, and our sources suggest that this examination entered into every hand-manipulation system within HLA.

Our sources have actually informed us not to anticipate one renowned weapon in HLA, nevertheless. Each of these sources pointed out that a virtual crowbar was checked at one point in the video game’s multi-year advancement however was ultimately ditched. To be clear: we do not have definitive proof that the crowbar will not ultimately appear in the video game in one method or another. (If Valve strategies to update the video game with a physical crowbar purchase, my sources sure have not become aware of it.)

Purposefully unclear self-confidence …

After overcoming my preliminary shock that a brand-new Half-Life video game exists, I have actually happened amazed by another most likely result: that this brand-new video game will be a masterclass example of how to develop an experience video game around the distinct functions of virtual truth hardware.

Valve’s VR video game style groups share the very same aggravations with been-there-VR’ ed-that missions.

I have actually played many VR mission and experience video games given that house VR headsets started introducing in2016 Some have actually used engaging mechanics however have actually lacked fresh concepts all too rapidly. Others have actually slapped familiar battle and puzzles into a VR headset in manner ins which would’ve worked simply as well on a flat TELEVISION screen. And still others have actually made VR users sit or loaf awaiting discussion or long, uninteresting strolls to take place.

What I learn about HLA, at this moment, has me persuaded that Valve’s VR video game style groups share the very same aggravations with been-there-VR’ ed-that missions which HLA will not duplicate their errors. The bit I learn about hand control in the video game has me tingling with enjoyment.

Plus, as Valve’s very first video game constructed from the ground up to use the business’s long-in-development Source 2 engine, I’m confident that we remain in for an entire brand-new quality of facial animations and world information in a VR video game– just like how Half-Life 2‘s usage of the very first Source engine blew players away in 2004.

Whether we remain in for a video game that makes the Half-Life name, on the other hand, stays to be seen. Will it in fact be long enough in regards to a rewarding single-player project? Will its plot’s secrets, as staged in between 2 significant video games in the series, be offered in engaging series seen from a VR point of view? Will we get a VR robotic pet dog as an animal?

I ‘d like to ensure readers that we will not have long to wait to discover the responses to these concerns and more, however, you understand, Valve Time is a thing. We’ll temper our enjoyment as much as we can with no guarantees of a real release date till the video game remains in both our actual and virtual hands, and we at Ars will keep you published as quickly as Valve lets us phony like Alyx for the sake of an HLA sneak peek.