This is an egg-carrying female specimen of Elthusa xena.

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Xena: Warrior Princess still stands (and kicks and slashes) as a good example for strong females heroes. Now “xena” is likewise a fish parasite discovered in the mouth of the Orange River in South Africa.

The freshly explained shellfish may not appear to have much in typical with the character played by Lucy Lawless, however it’s simply as hard as she is. A research study group from the North-West University in South Africa called the animal “Elthusa xena.”


Initial “Xena” starlet Lucy Lawless made all of us wish to yell like a Warrior Princess.

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” This types is called after Xena, the warrior princess, in referral to the strong nature of the female cymothoid isopod,” the scientists composed in a ZooKeys paper explaining a number of types of parasitic shellfishes discovered in South Africa.

Another consider the identifying is that the holotype (the very first specimen utilized to determine and explain the brand-new types) is an egg-carrying woman, ZooKeys publisher Pensoft kept in mind in a declaration on Tuesday.

The small Elthusa xena connects itself to the gills of a fish host, in this case the Super klipfish There was initially just one recognized types of the shellfish in South Africa, however the research study brings that number approximately 4.

Elthusa xena may not have the fight cry, muscles or fan following of the initial warrior princess, however it stands as a caring homage to a dream legend.