On Sunday night, HBO lastly raised the veil on a huge Video Game of Thrones enigma. The mainline TELEVISION series, based upon the George R. R. Martin books, will start airing its last season on April 14.

The news came at completion of a teaser advertisement ahead of Real Investigator‘s 3rd season best. In excellent news, HBO was at least kind enough to debut new video footage in an otherwise unclear, suggestive video. In the one-minute clip, Sansa and Arya Stark, flanked by Jon Snow, approach a series of statues with torches in hand in a Winterfell crypt. After the long, sluggish walk concludes, with audio clips from previous episodes (” you are a Stark; you may not have my name, however you have my blood”), the trio finds what the statues are: variations of themselves.

Quickly after that discovery, frost surpasses the chambers, and the trio unsheathes its weapons to deal with an approaching, icy risk, prior to the scene fades to black.

Ought to the season adhere to a once-a-week schedule, its six-episode run might in theory conclude on Might 19, however that stays to be seen, as HBO has otherwise not revealed the last season’s specific schedule right now. However, simply to be safe, clear your calendar– and get ready for a legendary ending that.
apparently took a tremendous 55 days and nights to movie in 3 different places.

For more on what fans ought to get out of this last season, Ars’ Jennifer Ouellette has this spoiler-loaded refresher for you, so that you might start positioning your bets on the survival chances of the kingdom of guys. And, as a suggestion, “last” is a relative term. HBO has actually currently started moving complete steam ahead on casting for the series’ prequel TELEVISION series

Video game of Thrones season 8 teaser

Noting image by HBO