By the time you end up reading this short article, you’ll be minutes closer to the 16 April launch of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 However if you’re anything like me, you desire it now and you may spontaneously combust if you need to wait that long.

As a civil service, I have actually assembled a handful of video games that might assist tide you over for these next 8 months. Bear in mind that based upon what we have actually seen up until now, and the reality that Keenu Reeves remains in the video game, there’s just no fulfillment to be had in computer game that came prior to Cyberpunk 2077.

Unless, obviously, you have not played through CD Projekt Red’s previous work of art, The Witcher 3, in the last couple of months. In which case, by all ways do that. However it’ll just slow the appetite; it will not satiate your thirst for extreme cyberpunk action.


Credit: R Talsorian

For that, we’re going to need to kick it traditional. Cyberpunk 2077 is based upon Mike Pondsmith’s impressive Cyberpunk series of tabletop RPGs released by R Talsorian Games. These are the type of RPGs you have fun with your buddies around a table utilizing dice and character sheets– or with individuals online utilizing chat user interfaces to approximate the tabletop experience. The most popular example of these video games is Dungeons and Dragons, an age-old legend that’s had a renewal in appeal thanks to a bump from Netflix’s “Complete stranger Things.”

However Cyberpunk isn’t about dungeons or dragons, it’s a kickass future-world where hackers do fight inside the device and warriors flex the guidelines of physics through making use of techno-wizardry and cybernetics. The very first edition of the video game, which is a bit challenging to discover nowadays, explains it:

The world of Cyberpunk is a violent, hazardous location, filled with individuals who had actually love to rip your arm off and consume it. The conventional ideas of excellent and wicked are changed by the worths of expedience– you do what you need to do to make it through. If you can do some excellent along the method, excellent. However do not depend on it.

It’s embeded in the near-future dystopian world of 2010, that makes it an attracting collectible, however if you’re aiming to begin tossing dice I ‘d recommend getting a copy of Cyberpunk 2020, the video game’s 2nd edition. It starts with this description:

As a Cyberpunk, you get innovation by the throat and hold on. You have actually got user interface plugs in your wrists, weapons in your arms, lasers in your eyes, biochip programs in your brain. You end up being the cars and truck you drive, the weapon you shoot … With cyborged fingers you select the computer system locks; with boosts sense you see into the Future.

You can acquire the video game book here on Amazon for $3999, or download a PDF from Drive Thru RPG here for $1125

There’s likewise Cyberpunk variation 3, and a recently introduced Cyberpunk Red. I have not played either, however Red is on my dream list. You can take a look at 3 here and Red here

Other titles to think about while you’re dipping your toes into the worlds of pen-and-paper RPGs and cyberpunk:


Okay, I might have misspoken previously. If you’re a fan of tactical RPG computer game such as X-Com, you may truly delight in Harebrained Plans’ exceptional Shadowrun video games on PC. Nevertheless, at the threat of seeming like among those individuals, the books are much better– if just since you have overall control over the story in a tabletop RPG, whereas computer game are restricted by their engines.

The initial Shadowrun RPG was launched in 1989, however the most current edition– its 6th– is readily available here on Amazon.

Rifts/ Ninjas and Superspies

Palladium’s Megaverse system likewise has a lot of cyberpunk features, though it’s more like the Costco of video game worlds: you can discover practically anything you desire, however there’s a great deal of things you’ll need to go by en route there. If you enjoy the concept of having an enormous library of supplements at hand, take a look at Rifts, which has a couple of character classes that might quickly move into a cyberpunk-themed experience. You can purchase it here on Amazon for $3099, or download a PDF from Drive Thru RPG for $1999 here

With a little creativity, you can likewise utilize Palladium’s Ninjas and Superspies as a springboard for a cyberpunk project. It includes a healthy dosage of cybernetics and gizmos. You can discover it here on Drive Thru RPG.

User Interface 2.0: Complete Metal Cyberpunk and GURPS

There’s likewise User interface No 2.0: Complete Metal Cyberpunk, another title I have not played– however it’s shown to be a fan favorite. And, considering it’s powered by the wonderful Savage Worlds video gaming system, it’s absolutely worth an appearance. It’s readily available here There’s likewise a Pathfinder edition that might be enjoyable to transform now that PF2 is out

Lastly, if you genuinely wish to go traditional, there’s constantly excellent old GURPS. Steve Jackson Games’ initial universal function playing system not just stands the test of time, however the cyberpunk supplement is a traditional cherished by many players. You can discover it ideal here for $7.99

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