Yep, today Apple launched its brand-new set of AirPods, something you can check out in information here While the updates are certainly excellent, I’m dissatisfied that Apple didn’t do more.

I’m a routine AirPod user and, while I like them a lot, the earbuds might quickly be much better. In lots of methods, the most recent set seems like AirPods 1.5, rather of the 2.0 variation I was imagining.

Do not fret however– I’m here. So, Apple style group, get your pencils and crayons, I will provide you the tricks to making the next set of AirPods effectively excellent.

Stop them from falling out by utilizing some goddamn grips

I understand a lot of individuals who Airpods fit completely. I, regretfully, am not one of them. Some individuals can go through wheat fields with them unfaltering, I can stand without them flinging themselves to the flooring.

” Oh, however there are add-ons readily available to stop that taking place, Callum!”

You do not believe I learn about the grasping skins or hooks? Excellent concepts, however they require to be removed if the AirPods will suit the charging case. Great if you wish to utilize them for the health club, however kinda beating the point of the easy-access earbuds.

All I desire is a bit more grip, Apple, a little something to assist them sit tight in my freaky ears. Is that excessive to request?

A method to manage volume control on the AirPods themselves

The brand-new AirPods will permit you to do this with Siri, however begin. Truly? I require to state “Hey Siri, volume up” each time a banger begins? Pffft.

It ‘d be terrific if you might include a function where you tap the side of an earbud and after that move your finger up and down to change the volume. Making that take place is absolutely more complex than it sounds, however– and let’s all concur here– that’s not my issue

Enhanced noise seclusion

To adjust an old joke: how do you understand what music somebody with AirPods listens to? Oh, simple, you’ll hear it.

Yeah, the sound leak on AirPods is quite bad. When you’re playing music at an affordable volume, a great deal of individuals in the area can hear every beat and screech. Now, the nature of AirPods indicates they’re not likely to ever be completely peaceful, however a bit more seclusion would work marvels.

Some noise-cancellation

Comparable to the point above, it ‘d be great if Airpods might conceal you from the world. I do not put earphones on to hear other things, y’ understand?

Bass, bass, plus, significantly, some more bass

Typically, I believe the Airpods sound terrific. No, they’re not the most in-depth or extensive earphones out there, however they’re a terrific all-rounder. No matter if you’re listening to a beautiful Bach Chorale, or some late night Darksynth, they make listening to music amazing– which is what it’s everything about.

Still, bass! More bass! Offer me more bass please! Not, a lot more bass, however, still, a bit more! Please, sir, bass!

Extra colors

I get why Apple hasn’t done this. AirPods are the most identifiable earphones out there, and the limitless conveyor belt of celebs and professional athletes being recorded using them is the sort of cash marketing can’t purchase. Unless marketing has a great deal of cash. Which Apple’s marketing does.

Anyhow, I ‘d choose a set of AirPods in a less obvious color so, you understand, I do not appear like a douchebag. Well, a minimum of anymore than I currently do.

What are the options?

If you’re searching for a set of cordless earbuds that can do cover a few of the functions above, you need to take a look at:

So, will the AirPods see any of these updates? Most likely. Will we see others? Unlikely. However it’s great to dream, right?

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Released March 20, 2019– 15: 45 UTC.