The following is a transcription of the animation

It can take the United States federal government simply minutes to release a nuclear weapon. Here’s how it would work.

The president has the sole authority to require a nuclear strike. When the call is made, a series of vital actions follow.

The president initially meets leading military consultants. The conference would happen in the Circumstance Space. If the president is taking a trip, a call is made on a safe line.

If the president still wishes to go through with the strike, the order is validated. To validate the order, a difficulty code reads to the president. It’s normally 2 phonetic letters like “Delta-Echo.”

The president then gets the “biscuit”, a laminated card that’s constantly near the president. The biscuit has the coordinating reaction to the obstacle code.

The Pentagon then transmits an encoded message to rocket teams. The message is just about the length of a basic tweet.

It consists of the war strategy, “Sealed Authentication System” or (SAS) codes, and the real rocket launch codes. When the launch teams get the message they open lock safes to acquire the SAS codes. These codes are compared to the SAS codes consisted of in the message.

If fired from a submarine the captain, executive officer, and 2 others validate the launch order. Fifteen minutes after getting the order, the rockets might be prepared to release.

If fired from land, there are 50 rockets managed by 5 launch teams in various areas. Each team “votes” for the launch by turning their secrets at the exact same time.

There are 5 various secrets, however just 2 require to be relied on release the rockets. In this circumstance, the rockets might be prepared to release simply minutes after the president’s order. When the rockets are introduced, there’s no reversing.

EDITOR’S KEEP IN MIND: This video was initially released on January 3,2018 Lamar Salter contributed reporting on a previous variation of this post.