Following is a records of the video.

Response time and speed are essential for survival. A sinking automobile will not right away immerse, which suggests there’s a little window of chance to act.

Do not attempt to unlock. Water pressure makes this very tough to do. And even if you might unlock, this would permit more water to come in and make y our automobile sink much faster. Rather, rapidly roll down your side window, unbuckle yourself, and climb up out. If you were too sluggish to respond, the water pressure might pin your windows and doors shut. That suggests you’ll need to break a window. Do not attempt the automobile’s front windscreen as it’s constructed to withstand effects. Rather, opt for the side windows. Utilize your foot and kick at the top of the window or eliminate the headrest from your seat and jam it where the window fulfills the door.

You can likewise utilize a glass breaking tool like ResQMe to rapidly break the window. It can quickly be saved in the glove compartment or on your keychain. If the automobile is upside down and your seat belt is locking you in, the tool can even cut you complimentary.

After breaking the window, right away take a deep breath of air and swim out through the hurrying water towards security.

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