Here’s where I stand since today:

  • I attempt to restrict the variety of icons shown on my homepage to the ones I utilize every day. The guideline is easy: if I have not utilized an app for more than 3 days, I move it to another page. The reality I have less details to take a look at helps in reducing cognitive load 100 percent of the times I open my phone.
  • I got rid of all red badges from the homepage icons (other than Slack and work e-mail) to minimize stress and anxiety and the sensation that I requirement to click specific icons in the very first location– since I actually do not. I discovered my phone use has actually significantly dropped given that I altered that setting.
  • Because I understood I’m frequently holding my phone with my right-hand man, I moved icons that I require to gain access to rapidly to the best side of the screen, so it’s more quickly available with my thumb I do not actually requirement to open Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram when I’m strolling outside holding my phone with one hand and attempting to cross a hectic street.

The list goes on permanently.

I have guidelines around how my phone’s 2nd screen is arranged also.

I might compose an entire book on the little things I do to enhance my daily experience– not just with my phone, however with my laptop computer, with my closet, workplace desk, electrical battery chargers, refrigerator, knapsack. However in all sincerity, that would be an extremely uninteresting book.

Existing state of my macbook dock– why keeping all those icons you’ll never ever utilize?

The particular guidelines are not the point (I am not attempting to encourage you my guidelines are the best ones, or that they will work for you, and I in fact hope you disagree with a few of them).

The point is: putting in the time to analyze what those guidelines are, and how they are going to affect your everyday.

Why are we refraining from doing the exact same thing with every element of our lives?

Isn’t that precisely what style is?