The traditional Razr flip phone is making a victorious return, just this time it’s a collapsible mobile phone

Though the gadget has actually appeared in patent filings, we have actually yet to get an excellent take a look at Motorola’s significant relaunch of the traditional gadget– previously!

The old Razr, left, and the brand-new Razr, right.

The image above, on the right, originates from Chinese social media Weibo. It was eliminated, however not prior to Slashleaks chose it up, along with a handful of other pictures of the gadget and its product packaging. (That stated, there’s no warranty that the images are genuine, so take the leakage with a grain of salt.)

Much more intriguing than seeing the gadget open, like it is above, is seeing it folded.

Inspect it out:

Weird looking, no?

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the brand-new Motorola Razr appears to open into a more basic, vertical orientation for mobile phones. It looks quite like the initial Razr mobile phone– particularly, the Motorola Razr V3.

The hinge remains in the center from a vertical orientation, which allows it to turn open in the exact same method the Razr V3 phone did.

The dripped images line up straight with the patent images identified previously this year:


Motorola, which is owned by Lenovo, has yet to formally debut the brand-new Razr, although it did verify deal with a collapsible mobile phone previously this year

Furthermore, we currently understand a couple of features of the gadget:

  • It’s anticipated to cost around $1,500
  • The specifications are stated to be less-than-bleeding-edge.
  • It’s anticipated to reach some point this summertime.

According to the dripped images, the brand-new Razr will feature USB-C charging and a dongle adapter for utilizing basic earphones.

To see all the images, head over to Slashleaks