woman smoking marijuana out of a pipe at home Darrin Harris Frisby/ Drug Policy Alliance

Cannabis’s main classification in the United States as a Arrange 1 drug— something with “no presently accepted medical usage”– suggests it has actually been quite difficult to study.

In Spite Of that, a growing body of research study and various anecdotal reports connect marijuana with numerous health advantages, consisting of discomfort relief and the possible to aid with particular types of epilepsy. In addition, scientists state there are lots of other methods cannabis may impact health that they wish to much better comprehend– consisting of a strange syndrome that appears to make cannabis users strongly ill.

Together with numerous other current research studies, a huge report launched by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medication in 2017 assists summarize precisely what we understand— and what we do not– about the science of weed. Here’s what you need to understand about how cannabis impacts the brain and body.