The most recent upgrade to the iOS os is here, after having actually been teased for months. iOS 13 includes a variety of functions users have actually been requesting, and while it’s not the most meaty upgrade Apple’s ever launched, it does have a couple of clever functions worth pointing out for those on the fence.

Bear in mind this isn’t an extensive evaluation of every brand-new thing in iOS 13– simply a rundown of a few of our preferred brand-new things (and something that’s not rather so welcome).

Dark mode

Most likely the most visually attractive function is Dark Mode. Whether you’re a charcoal perfectionist or not (we have actually definitely got our Dark Mode haters here in the workplace at TNW), it’s great to lastly have the choice. And if you like it extremely dark, then I have great news for you: for the many part, this Dark Mode isn’t simply gray however pure black. We’re talking black backgrounds on many default apps, and it’s a pleasure if you resemble me and utilize your phone during the night method more than you should.

Dark Mode can likewise be personalized to turn on and off at specific times. If you recognize with Graveyard shift– that makes you iPhone screen warmer at sundown to assist your brain unwind previously bed– it works similar method. You can likewise include a Dark Mode toggle to your Nerve center, so you can turn it on and off at a minute’s notification.

I just have one quibble versus the Dark/Light mode juxtaposition: prior to this, I might distinguish in between a routine Safari tab and a personal one by the truth that personal remained in dark mode by default. Now there’s no fast visual indication. It’s an extremely small problem in the grand plan, however still one I felt deserved pointing out.


The brand-new keyboard likewise supports swiping to type. As somebody who utilizes tapping thumbs with the alacrity of a Mavis Beacon graduate, it took a bit for me to get utilized to, however it works simply fantastic. It’s likewise a little weird to need to swipe the entire word prior to it appears on screen (I presume some AI black magic fuckery is at work to make the words appear so perfectly out of my haphazard key-tripping), however I do not dislike it by any methods.

There are some missteps: for instance, if you swipe and the word is not rather what you desired, pushing the erase crucial deletes the entire word. However, similar to Dark Mode, it’s certainly great to lastly have the choice. I make sure if you choose one-handed typing, this may alter whatever for you.

Pictures rejiggered

Your pictures are now arranged by years, months, and days in the Photos app. The pictures are likewise set out in a more attractive method, not being packed together in same-sized tiles. It’s difficult to explain just how much better it is: be sufficient to state it looks more like an album and less like a filing system.

With a visitor look by Monet and Pogo, my buddy’s bearded dragon.

The modifying and retouching software application is now far more user-friendly. Prior to this, it was simply one action up from Microsoft Paint, today the tools are really helpful and (for me a minimum of) functional. You can change white balance, vibrancy, sound decrease, sharpness, and most likely a lot more minute things I make sure Napier understands more about than I do.

This brand-new Image library most likely goes together with the video camera updates Apple is presenting with the brand-new slate of iPhones. With much better cams come much better photos, and it’s great to see Apple has actually upgraded the software application to match them in quality.

This octopus

There are 3 brand-new Animoji: a mouse, a cow, and an octopus. The latter is my preferred. I suggest take a look at it.

Take a look at this fucking octopus!!


There’s one elephant in the space we need to most likely deal with, which’s the bug reports that are rolling in aplenty from individuals who have actually upgraded. Users have actually reported crashing apps and video camera issues. My most significant concern is that a few of my Pictures have actually been arbitrarily reassigned dates and times when they certainly weren’t taken– I observed this while searching the library and finding a picture taken in 2013 in my 2017 folder.

The bugs are obviously so various and hazardous the Department of Defense is supposedly warning its workers versus updating till iOS 13.1 comes out. Apple has bumped the release date of the latter to September 24, and it’ll ideally deal with a few of the concerns.