Slack has launched its SEC documents to end up being a public business offering us our very first look at its financials and leading financiers.

As is common nowadays, Slack is utilizing a two-tier structure where it will offer Class A shares to the general public, with each of those shares providing one vote per share; and it will have Class B shares that feature 10 votes per share.

However Slack’s class structure has a twist. Usually the super-voting shares are held by creators as a method to keep tight fisted control after their business goes public. In Slack’s case, all of its significant investors will get the Class B shares that supply 10- votes-per share stock, its existing documents programs. This consists of the business’s creators, in addition to the significant financiers, board members at the business executives (12 executives in all, the documents states).

All of those Class B investors will succeed if the IPO works out.

We do not understand precisely just how much loan these investors stand to make due to the fact that Slack has actually not yet priced its Class A shares. We likewise do not understand if the Class B shares will be valued higher/differently. However, we do understand that some workers have actually been enabled to offer their stock on the personal, secondary market ahead of the IPO at $28 a share, valuing the business at $17 billion, CNBC reports.

So, simply for enjoyable, we utilized the $28/ share rate to compute the worth of the stakes owned by its significant investors. (We’ll upgrade these numbers after Slack formally reveals the rate of its shares.)

With all those cautions, here are individuals and financiers getting abundant from Slack’s substantial IPO: