One month after IBM revealed its $34 billion tactical acquisition of Red Hat, the software application giant exposed a sale of its own.

IBM revealed late Thursday that it would offer a suite of software to the Indian IT business HCL for $1.8 billion.

In the offer, IBM will offer 7 distinct software application applications in the partnership, on-premise marketing, and commerce areas, which entirely have an addressable market of $50 billion, the business stated. Those applications were the last items left over from its acquisition of Lotus, which it purchased for $3.5 billion in1995


IBM and HLC currently had intellectual-property collaborations on 5 of those items.

While HCL’s stock cost took a 5% dip on Friday following the news, Wall Street was a little more helpful of IBM’s option to desert the properties in favor of more money and a higher-margin software application portfolio. Still, IBM shares fell more than 3% in trading on Friday, though the stock was still trading above its low for November.

“We like that IBM continues to offer its non-core software lines,” the UBS expert John Roy composed.

The software application suite belonged to IBM’s Cognitive Solutions, a section that consists of IBM Watson Health and other artificial-intelligence companies– and which has actually seen profits decreases. The business stated it anticipated to see this section enhance its profits development after the sale.

Cognitive Solutions generated $4.15 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2018, down 6% from the exact same duration in2017 Its margins decreased by 2.7% in the exact same duration, according to the business filing

IBM has actually done comparable offers every year over the past 14 years

In a post on Friday, IBM described the sale to financiers as belonging to a push towards a “high-value design,” which basically implies the business would rather purchase higher-yield emerging locations such as AI, cloud, and blockchain than determine a method to assist its decreasing companies grow.

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“Providing a high-value design likewise needs continuous financial investment prioritization, thinking about aspects such as market appearance, distinction, and value to IBM’s incorporated design,” the business stated in the post.

However this method isn’t brand-new for IBM. Roy, the UBS expert, composed that IBM had actually likewise sold a few of its software application portfolio over each of the past 14 years. All of those offers, he stated, were valued at $740 million to $1.6 billion.

Bottom line: It’s not about Red Hat

IBM’s $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat in October has actually developed some redundancies in the business’s portfolio, however that’s not why this sale is occurring, Roy composed.

A “possible problem” for IBM is that when the acquisition closes, there will be some overlap in between middleware items, such as IBM’s WebSphere and Red Hat’s JBoss line of product, he stated– however that danger does not include any of the items that it sold to HCL.

Rather, UBS views this as a simple sale of underperforming software, as it refocuses on the great things.

“Blending far from under-performers is simply great organisation,” Roy composed.