Huawei is back in the news once again after President Donald Trump handed down an executive order that penalizes the Chinese business and suffices off from Google, the maker of the Android os that powers Huawei’s gadgets.

Following the executive order recently, Huawei was put on an “entity list,” which indicates that United States business require the federal government’s authorization prior to handling Huawei. Google adhered to the order, which indicates Huawei gadgets will lose access to future Android updates, and brand-new Huawei phones will not have access to Google’s services.

In February, Huawei, its primary monetary officer, and numerous of its subsidiaries were handed criminal charges. The Justice Department declared Huawei “took trade tricks, deceived banks about its service and breached United States sanctions,” according to the Associated Press

Last December, Huawei’s primary monetary officer– Meng Wanzhou, who likewise occurs to be the child of the business’s creator– was jailed in Canada on suspicion of breaching United States trade sanctions on Iran. She is presently residing in Vancouver, Canada, on home arrest, however the United States is wanting to extradite Wanzhou; the Justice Department declares she deceived banks about the business’s service in Iran.

Huawei’s actions might have significant consequences on the relationships in between China, the United States, and likewise Canada. However individuals may be questioning why they have actually never ever become aware of Huawei, which is a huge and prominent tech business in the majority of parts of the world.

Here’s why Huawei’s items are exceptionally difficult to discover in specific markets like the United States: