Something weird is occurring with Minecraft: Story Mode The video game is presently on the edge of vanishing, a minimum of from digital stores, however it’s come back on the Xbox 360’s digital storefron, and at a remarkably high markup? So what’s going on? Sadly, the cost is more of a last gasp created to hinder players from purchasing the passing away video game.

The video games were formerly delisted from sale, offered how the servers that support them will be closing down in about a week. However according to the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page, taking it off the Xbox 360 shop led to the users who currently owned the video game being not able to download any episodes they had not formerly. Because that beats the function of a grace duration prior to server shutdown, the video game was relisted, however with a twist. In an effort to hinder brand-new buyers, each episode is noted as $100 USD.

According to the Facebook statement:

The cost revealed is a genuine sale price, please do not purchase the material, if you do, you will be charged the quantity revealed. This is merely the only system offered to assist in gamers having the ability to download their staying episodes prior to servers closing down.

You might have become aware of Telltale’s rather unpleasant and unforeseen shuttering in 2015. After the business’s polite-but-vague factor, a genuine flood of unfavorable stories from suddenly-former Obvious workers came hurrying out, exposing the business for its hazardous crunch culture and bad treatment of its individuals.

Which asks the concern … if somebody did choose to blow a couple of hundred dollars and purchase the episodes in spite of the monstrously high cost, then what occurs to the cash? Does it enter into the coffers of the now-nonexistent Telltale? Does it go to Microsoft? It’s weird to believe the Xbox 360 shop is so ruined that the only method for players to acquire their already-purchased items and for the suppliers to prevent having an entire brand-new wave of clients is to increase the episodes as high as possible. Even a previous Telltale dev discussed the absurdity of the circumstance:

It’s a little a pity to see a video game simply disappear like this, even from online shops, however it’s a regrettable adverse effects of nobody wishing to be accountable any longer. And in spite of the comically high charge of the relisted episodes, the truth Xbox 360 gamers will still have the ability to get their purchases up until the outright due date is at least rather good.

The video game will be completely gotten rid of from shops and gone permanently on June 25 th, so anybody who currently owns it and wishes to play it ought to download it now.

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