Here's Your Chance to Name 5 Jupiter Moons! (No Moon McMoonfaces, Please)

A diagram reveals the 5 recently-discovered moons of Jupiter that researchers require to call.

Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa/Carnegie Organization for Science

Last summertime, researchers revealed they had found a lots brand-new moons orbiting Jupiter Now comes the tough part: calling them.

The scientists revealed that they desire some aid with that job, asking astronomy enthusiasts to send their name recommendations for 5 of the brand-new discoveries. If you depend on the obstacle, here’s what’s included.

Initially, know that it’s not a free-for-all. The names require to satisfy specific restraints in order to be authorized by the International Astronomical Union, which manages all names for things in area and functions on their surface areas.

Jupiter’s moons
are all called for characters from Greek and Roman folklore who are either came down from or enthusiasts of the chief god of the Pantheon, Zeus/Jupiter. That’s not always especially restricting; in both sets of folklores that specific god is infamous for his aggressive sex.

However moon names in the Jovian system are likewise structured based upon the instructions in which they orbit the gas giant. 2 of the brand-new moons orbit in the very same instructions as the world turns, which needs a name that ends in -a; the other 3 travel in the opposite instructions and will be offered names that end in -e.

There are other guidelines too: For instance, names can’t be too comparable to ones currently in usage for moons or asteroids, and they can’t stink to any culture.

As soon as you have actually chosen the names you want to choose, it’s time to require to Twitter to describe your option in a single tweet to @JupiterLunacy tagged #NameJupitersMoons The due date for submissions is April 15.

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