It didn’t take much to persuade star Simon Pegg to sign up with Amazon’s brand-new superhero TELEVISION program, “The Boys,” according to showrunner Eric Kripke.

The series is based upon a Dynamite Home entertainment comic-book series of the very same name by author Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. It follows Hughie Campbell, who is hired into a group called The Boys that keeps a look at superheroes who abuse their powers.

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“[Pegg is] friendly with Darick Robertson, who drew Hughie to look precisely like Simon Pegg,” Kripke informed Service Expert in an interview previously this month. “I believe that’s how they was familiar with each other. So he’s constantly been extremely familiar with ‘The Boys.'”

However Pegg does not play Campbell on the program– he plays the character’s papa.

The comic’s Hughie, front, was imitated star Simon Pegg, who plays Hughie’s papa in Amazon’s TELEVISION adjustment.
Dynamite Home Entertainment

“Clearly, he would get the concern a lot, if he would play Hughie in an adjustment of ‘The Boys,'” Kripke stated. “And throughout the years, he would state it would be terrific. Then I discovered some interviews where he ‘d state he’s aging out of it, however he believes he needs to play Hughie’s papa. That’s where I understood.”

When the program’s casting director connected to Pegg’s agents in 2015 about playing the function of Campbell’s papa, the star “leapt at it,” Kripke stated.

“He was taking a trip the world doing press for ‘Objective: Difficult– Fallout,’ so he was hectic,” Kripke stated. “However he took time out of his schedule to play this function. I believe he did it for no other factor than to pay a financial obligation he felt he owed to the book and fans of the book. It demonstrates how much he appreciates category fans that he wants to do that. He has my amazing regard for that.”

“The Boys” premiered on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.