How Do Trivia Masters Do It? The Right Answer Is ‘Brain Efficiency.’

With an unique sort of MRI called “diffusion tensor imaging,” the scientists had the ability to imagine paths in the brain.

Credit: © RUB, Erhan Genç

All of us have that buddy who “understands whatever,” wins at trivia and can have a discussion on practically any subject and appear experienced. Ends up, these smarty-pants have actually extremely effectively paved brains, a brand-new research study recommends.

A group of neuroscientists at the Ruhr-University Bochum and Humboldt University of Berlin, both in Germany, examined the brains of 324 individuals with differing degrees of basic understanding (like the sort of info that would turn up in a video game of trivia). Scientists offered these individuals over 300 concerns discussing different fields, such as art, architecture and science, to determine the people’ level of basic understanding, likewise called semantic memory

Private investigators utilized a sort of magnetic resonance imaging called diffusion tensor imaging to track the water that streams around the brain– which normally follows along the courses paved in between brain cells. So, by tracking the water throughout brain scans, the scientists had the ability to “see” the connections. [Inside the Brain: A Photo Journey Through Time]

Outcomes revealed that those topics who had actually kept, and might remember, more basic understanding had much more-efficient brain connections– more powerful and much shorter connections in between brain cells. However the scientists didn’t discover any association in between more basic understanding and more brain cells.

It makes good sense that individuals who have more basic understanding have more-efficient brain connections, stated research study lead author Erhan Genc, a scientist in the Department of Biopsychology at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Various little bits of basic understanding get kept in different areas throughout the brain, he stated. Envision an easy concern: What year did the moon landing take place? We may have “moon” kept in one location, “moon landing” in another and even the year the occasion took place in another. So, in order to address the concern, the brain needs to link “moon” to “moon landing” to “year,” and it does so through these connections. It stands to factor that if the connections are more effective, that info can take a trip rapidly and quickly, he stated. [What If Humans Were Twice As Intelligent?]

However it’s unclear why some individuals have more-efficient brain connections than others, he included. Maybe some individuals are born with a more effective brain architecture, or possibly somebody who obtains more basic understanding likewise produces more-efficient connections, since they utilize this understanding all the time.

” With our research study, we can not fix this concern,” Genc informed Live Science. In order to do that, the scientists would require to track private individuals throughout time to see how their brains alter– something the researchers wish to take a look at in the future.

Having the ability to keep basic understanding does not always indicate that you’re “ smarter,” Genc included. That’s another sort of intelligence, called “fluid intelligence,” which is more about having the ability to problem-solve in brand-new scenarios, he stated. Nevertheless, there is a minor connection in between smartness and higher basic understanding, he stated.

The findings were released July 28 in the European Journal of Character

Initially released on Live Science