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Storyteller: Getting among NASA’s lorries into area takes engineering, aerodynamics, great deals of science, and an unique paint task. This is NASA’s Mars 2020 rover.

It’s set up to arrive at the red world on February 18,2021 NASA paints all of its Mars rovers, and Mars 2020 is no exception.

However painting a lorry for an alien world is a lot various from painting a cars and truck. For beginners, the procedure is all done by hand. The Mars 2020 rover began as a stack of aluminum panels that took 4 months and over 5,000 hours to put together. It’ll take another 3 to 4 months to turn the frame, likewise referred to as the chassis, into a finished rover.

That’s where the paint task can be found in. The rover beings as a glossy aluminum that is then painted white to show sunshine and assist the rover from overheating. Unlike the paint we placed on cars and trucks, this paint is even more long lasting. It’s made to sustain the severe temperature levels of Mars, which can vary from 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 20 degrees Celsius, near the equator, to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit, minus 73 degrees Celsius. In truth, you can still see areas of white paint on NASA’s Interest rover, which has actually been on Mars considering that2012


Numerous locations on the chassis requirement to be painted, while other parts will not have any paint at all. These locations normally have electronic boxes, circuitry, or delicate clinical instruments. To secure them throughout the procedure, these locations are thoroughly masked with tape. Focus on thoroughly. Rather of simply duping a piece of tape, it is specifically determined and cut by a computer system.

Then the rover is sanded to scuff the glossy, smooth aluminum which assists the paint adhere much better. When it comes to the paint, it is particularly created to stand up to all the troubles of getting to Mars. Like the unstable trip throughout launch and landing, along with dust storms on Mars. For the paint to work efficiently, it needs to be the best density and uniformly used. As soon as the paint is used, NASA needs to ensure the rover’s surface area can’t soak up anything like water or other chemicals.

So they bake it.

This takes place in big, thermal vacuum chambers. The chassis is prepared in the vacuum for 3 days at 230 degrees Fahrenheit, 110 degrees Celsius. The rover is then covered with 2 bags to secure it and transferred to an air lock space. This space preps the rover to go from the filthy outdoors to the tidy within the assembly center. The external bag is gotten rid of and the tidy, interior bag is left on for the rover to get in. As soon as the inner bag is gotten rid of, last assembly of the rover can start.

All the elements that manage the rover, in addition to all its instruments, will go inside the chassis, forming the structure for the whole rover. Who understood painting could likewise count as brain surgery? See you in 2021, Mars.