You might have observed that Facebook instantly equates posts that remain in other languages into English. However what if you wish to have your whole Facebook in another language?

Possibly English isn’t your mother tongue, you have actually travelled on a cultural exchange, or you’re studying another language and wish to enhance your abilities.

Whatever the factor, you can equate your Facebook into over 100 offered languages, from Spanish to French, Chinese to Russian, or perhaps eccentric languages like upside-down English or Pirate English.

It’s not completely clear why you would require these alternative choices, however hey, nobody’s evaluating.

If you wish to alter your language, you can do so in 2 methods– on the Facebook site or on your mobile Facebook app. Here’s how it works:

How to alter the language on your Facebook account utilizing a computer system

To alter your Facebook language utilizing your computer system, go to the ” Language Settings” page by means of this link and dive directly to Step 5 listed below.

If that isn’t working for you follow the complete actions listed below:

1. Login to your Facebook account at on your computer system’s web internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and so on).

2. Tap the downwards dealing with arrow on the Facebook menu bar, it remains in the leading right corner of your screen, beside the enigma.

3. This will open a menu. Near the bottom will be a tab that checks out “Settings.” Click it.

Click “Settings.”
Christine Kopaczewski/Business Expert

4. Select the “Language” alternative left wing of your screen.

Select “Language.”
Christine Kopaczewski/Business Expert

5. You’ll now be on the “Language Settings” page. Here, you can alter your Facebook language, set the language that posts will be equated into, and pick any languages that you do not wish to be equated– this is an excellent function if you’re multilingual and wish to prevent mis-translations of your buddy’s posts. To alter the Facebook language, click “Edit” on the ideal side.

Click any “Edit” button to modify its particular choice.
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6. Pick your favored language from the drop-down menu.

7. Click “Conserve Modifications” to validate your language.

You can likewise alter the language from your News Feed page:

1. Go to your News Feed (it’s the page where all your buddy’s posts appear in a feed).

2. Scroll down up until you see a box with a handful of languages on the ideal side of the screen.

The language choices box will be on the right of your feed.
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3. You can pick among the noticeable languages noted in this box and after that click “Modification Language” in the pop-up box. You can likewise click the + on the right of package to open a list of all offered languages.

4. Select your wanted language from this list to make the modification.

You can equate Facebook into more than 100 languages.
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How to alter the language on your Facebook account utilizing a mobile phone

If you’re utilizing your phone to alter your language, you can either go to the Facebook site or, if you have it set up, utilize the Facebook app.

It you do not have actually the app set up, go to on your phone’s web internet browser and follow these actions:

1. Log into your Facebook account at Click the menu button in the leading right corner (it’s 3 horizontal lines).

Click the 3 horizontal lines, likewise called the “hamburger menu.”
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2. Scroll to the Assistance & Settings area and choose “Language.”

3. Now scroll down and pick your language from the list. You can likewise utilize the search bar to accelerate the procedure.

Select your language from the list.
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4. Click the language you wish to utilize for Facebook and the modification will be made.

If you own an iPhone, you can alter the language from the Facebook app:

1. Open the Facebook app and make certain you’re checked in.

2. Click the menu icon in the bottom ideal corner (it’s 3 horizontal lines).

3. Scroll down and click “Settings & Personal privacy.” This will open a sub-menu. Select “App Language.”

The App will default to your iPhone’s existing language, however you can alter this by hand.
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4. Your Facebook app language will be set to match your phone language (which you can alter in your phone’s settings), however you can likewise by hand choose your language from the list on this page. Scroll down or utilize the search bar to discover your language and click it to make the modification.

If you can’t discover your favored language on the list, you can look for it utilizing the search bar on top.
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If you own an Android, you can likewise alter the language through your Facebook app:

1. Click the menu icon on the leading right of the menu bar (it’s the 3 horizontal lines).

2. Scroll down and open the “Settings & Personal privacy” sub menu. Select “Language.”

3. Now pick your language from the list offered. You’ll likewise have the alternative to default to your “Gadget Language,” which can be embeded in your phone’s settings.