Casey Neistat composed a short article back in 2014 how he ‘repaired’ his Facebook by unfriending individuals who shared excessive. I attempted this in 2017 … and it definitely didn’t work!

Individuals still share method excessive and each time I go on Facebook it seems like like an entire pester of negativeness that’s attempting to offer me cancer. Simply no. It’s not cool. Facebook actually isn’t the ‘cool’ platform it was back in 2008.

The important things is, I can’t simply go and erase it. Having actually lived abroad, there’s a lot of connections with individuals and pictures I published for many years, that I do not wan na lose. However the good news is there’s a method to do both:

  • Log into Facebook. Do not take a look at any of the malignant material on your feed and go straight into settings
  • Click “Your Facebook Info”
  • Click “download your info”
  • Now you have actually got a lot of choices concerning what you wish to download

I deselected whatever and just picked “Photos and Videos” and “Buddies.” Why? Well I truthfully do not care what I published. It’s most likely all awkward shit anyhow. I ‘d rather not be relive it. Oh and the format– as a developer, I picked JSON.

I then click Develop File. This essentially produces a file with all the information you asked for. It takes about an hour till its all set for you to download.

Ultimately it’s all set to download.

And now it’s downloading.

After downloading it effectively, I backed it up onto my external disk drive.

Extracting it, it provides me a great deal of files. These are all my pictures.

Now, to keep these files protected (it’s currently on my hard drive, however I require a bit additional), I backed them up onto my Google Photos account. About 1,900 images.

When it comes to my pal list. well. It’s all in JSON format. So now you can basically utilize the power of your brain to believe how your pal looked.
If you can’t, well then you most likely weren’t good friends anyhow. Sorry.

I’ll still find out what I’m gon na finish with the good friends list. However hey, a minimum of I have names, which is basically my greatest weak point. I’m dreadful with names.

What’s left now, is to erase your account.

  • Click Settings
  • Click Your Facebook Info in the left column
  • Click Erase Your Account and Info, then click Erase My Account
  • Enter your password, click Continue and after that click Erase Account

And now live gladly ever after.

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